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Address  :Greater Kailash 1 Branch, B /45, Opp NDTV Office, Near M Block Market, GK 1, New Delhi, Delhi, IN
Website  :www.dentzz.com/
Phone     :91 9819916333
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  • 15th Oct, 2020
  • Medical
"Be cautious of misleading advertising over the internet!What a rip off is Dentzz? Ethics and integrity are not embedded in their dealings; of course deceptive. They do not follow standards as in western cultures. How could you expect to get care and consideration, as you would get from the western practices?Need to be aware of scams on the internet!!!"You are not covered by any legislation. You are not protected by legislation as in western cultures. There are no governing rules; ‘code of conduct’ that will protect you. Who would listen to your grievances/complaints there? ‘Nobody is there to care or listen to your grievances/complaints; after all, they have taken all your money.’Take all the risk; face the jeopardy - you are on your own!!!“Tough money-driven business”Not a Safe ParadiseColossal Cheaters; Why get trapped at Dentzz? Dentzz has falsified advertising to grab your attention on the internet; making it all look appealing to get you. They pose a false impression on the internet using their advertising tactics. They make their advertising dominate the internet.These people will stop at nothing to shut my voice down. They threatened me with lawsuits, tried to bribe me, commited cyber crime to take down my videos from Youtube, reported me to my employers, harassed my family.Dentzz people add their own reviews about Dentzz (fake) everywhere on the internet (to sound everything so pleasing).Dentzz people rate them as ***** everywhere on the internet. Dentzz removes others reviews/complaints about them on the internet; adding their own comments.Be cautious of the vast amount of made-up storytelling (fake reviews of Dentzz) on the internet (misleading others). Dentzz has internet blogs of all fake reviews of theirs.There are many dental centers in major cities in countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and other East Asian countries, where UK, US qualified, well trained, and experienced dental specialists provide dental treatment at clinics fully equipped with modern technology. These places do not get advertised, although they have their websites on the internet where people can contact them, and their rates are very reasonable for the clients; for locals and the international community/visitors alike.Dentzz is no better to any other dental clinic in India/overseas;just their aggressive, bogus adverting that catches you. Why go to Dentzz to pay 100 times more than you would pay at any other dental clinic in India / overseas?See dental treatment prices for dental tourists/localsat dental clinics 'not advertised'in India here: http://www.indiadentalclinic.com(all dental clinicsand treatment/services throughout India)Mass Scale SwindlerWhy go to a place like Dentzz that uses adverting tactics on the internetto get you, and charge you 100 times more?Dentzz a big money making racket in India using mass adverting over the internet, which is targetedat the westerners. "Scads of Fake Reviews of Theirs on Internet”Real - life experiences at Dentzz Mumbai, Kemps Corner clinic: Couple of dentists working at the clinic attending to work of all those who have gone there for dental treatment following the advertising over the internet.Everything is rushed there, so to get more and more clients.There is no two-way communication, just get forced to follow their commands, and theygrab your money (they grab your money as they wish). Do not expect standards, care and honesty. Greater the plan they set for you; greater the money they grab from you, but not to consider, listen to and care for you. You wouldn’t know their plan until you go there. They set the plan and they grab your money. Of course, it is not your decision.They treat you as dumb and uneducated.No dignity in treatment.Wait at the clinic for many hours before they attend to your appointment for treatment. They are ill-mannered, rude; expect discourtesy (screaming and shouting), threatening, dishonesty, and deceit at the clinic, over care and standards that you would get from the practices in the western cultures.Yet, be expecting to pay as same as in the western cultures for all your dental treatment at Dentzz when you go there and you would not know this until you are there.Dentzz still even does not have the latest high tech-modern technology in-house that they use as in the clinics in western cultures.What high standards would you expect? Along with all poor standards and mistreatment you receive, expect to pay the highest charge and not any less. Is this what is being advertised over the internet on Dentzz?They are waiting impatiently to seeing you there to grab hold of all your money (robbers!), even if you could not afford. What standards would you expect in their treatment to you? Well, you can expect to have been deceived, not proper care, and taken all your money. What morals or standards do they have? Well they would not even care for these.They do not have open honest communication as in western cultures.They say that you only pay a fraction at Dentzz on the internet!(what lies?).The deceit of all sorts; aggressive, dishonest and treacherous in their dealings. Who would advise to go there?What does advertising on Dentzz inform you?Come home and go to see your dentists back home to fix all defects of their dental work/treatment of poor quality. Even the dental crowns made at Dentzz were out of shape and uneven(they were the outdated, lowest quality; cheapest crowns), yet having charged the highest price at Dentzz for making the best contemporary crowns (what a cheat?). No temporaries wereprovided while treated.Dentzz carries out unethical dental practices (making more money), as unnecessary destroying of fine teeth and making crowns for them and doing root canal treatment on healthy teeth in good condition.
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