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Totally found 3 incident reports. Displaying 1–3.

  • 11 Oct, 2017

www.hollywoodtans.com mite sound all fancy schmancy bt let me warn u dat I hv been dealin wit dem since two yrs nw n its been absolutely horrible bein in biznes wit dem. Dey wil suck u dry til ur last penny n den ask fr sum mo’. Y do such bizness exist n y don’t ppl complain to d authorities abt such nonsense franchise models da

  • Report #5YC3Y
  • Reporter CIPPLAXIST
  • 4 Jan, 2017
  • 34500 $ Reported Loss

I was a victim of a fraud and actually almost committed a fraud listening to the idiots from Hollywood Tans. I was looking to open up a business that can be a viable option for me since I hurt my back doing construction. Hollywood Tans fit my savings budget and I set up an interview with them. Listened to the sales pitch but was

  • Report #5YCF0
  • Reporter UILVILESTE
  • 29 Jan, 2017

Hollywood Tans is a name a lot of you might have heard since these guys are expanding really fast. Do you know how are they expanding? By bloody cheating people!! Yes, that’s right. These guys are giving out their franchise like crazy and earning money on the fee that initially they say is refundable but it isn’t. My name is Mat

  • Report #5YCJG
  • Reporter STAITILLIU
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Showing 1 – 3 of 3