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Totally found 4 incident reports. Displaying 1–4.

Totally found 4 incident reports. Displaying 1–4.

  • 19 Oct, 2017

At first, I want to make things clear. I’ve been investing in real estate for 10 years. I’ve been doing it all over the world in all kinds of countries; almost on all the continents. I’ve been through a lot of contracts; I’ve been through a lot of lawyers, a lot of property. I’ve sold tens of hundreds of properties. I’ve been op

  • Report #5YC7W
  • Reporter BONSCOLUTT
  • 28 Nov, 2016

Hi, my name is Neraj and I have been ripped off by this real estate firm called HURGHADA PROPERTIES. I was interested in buying properties so I came across this firm. I was aware of the fact that the property they were selling was not fully constructed as of now but would be soon. My 3 apartments were on the name of my wife, pa

  • Report #5YC7X
  • Reporter GENWAGONIN
  • 11 Oct, 2017

I am one of the people who invested in Hurghada properties and a victim of the scam. It is only after I heard about this I am wondering why I bought it in the first place. I have a demon for a boss who makes me and the rest of my team work day and night pretty much squeezing the life out of us. It could remind you of a woman wi

  • Report #5YCBG
  • Reporter CEAKENSEEP
  • 4 Jan, 2017

I cannot take the silence anymore. It is downright rude and unprofessional to promise someone one then and never keeping it up. I had bought a property at Hurghada in Egypt about two years ago without realising what its shortcomings would be. Little did I know that I would be a victim of the scam. I wish to resell it as soon as

  • Report #5YCF2
  • Reporter NOBODYANTU
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Showing 1 – 4 of 4