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  • 12th Oct, 2017
  • Web Services
I’m writing this complaint against Intellibiz because they scammed my friend and also tried to harass her instead of apologizing. So for those of you who don’t know Intellibiz is a real estate guide company, they sell their guides and give classes to people who are interested in the real estate industry. They promise an earning of thousands of dollars, and promise their course fee to be $89, with no additional charges. So here’s how they fraud people. My friend, who is also my neighbour got a flyer advertisement stuck on her door from this company, so she checked it out and decided to join in. Of course if they will promise thousands of dollars earning, who wouldn’t want to join in? So here’s their first fraud, deceptive advertising. Their advertisements are misleading to only attract customers but nothing out of it is applied actually. Now my friend sent an email to their customer service asking for a free trial or whatever they were offering, in return they asked for all her details, etc and sent her a link for the trial. The link read very few details, they stated it as a “minor freebie” or whatever they call it, with barely anything in it. I don’t know what exactly made her buy their guide, but she decided to purchase it along with classes given by in house mentors as they stated. They charged her around $90 for the guide, they sent her an email with the link and told her this was the original guide to real estate. They also promised sending in a hard copy within two weeks of time, by post. When she tried to click the link it opened to nothing. She didn’t know what to do so she tried a couple of more times and then when nothing happened, she just left it. She thought she would receive the hard copy within a couple of days and that would do fine. Weeks passed and she didn’t get any hard copy or mail. Now she didn’t know what to do so she sent them an email on - [email protected] asking them when would she get her guide and also that the link sent to her was not opening. She sent in a chain of messages and they replied telling her she was allowed a refund because there was no registration under her name. Whoever that person was who gave her a refund, god bless his/her soul cause after that whoever she dealt with was ruthless and a disaster. After a few days she received an email stating that she stole from them and also took her refund, she fought back and I’m sure they didn’t have proof but who ever sat on their customer service that day was surely a bitch. Who calls their customers a “low-life” or “moron” and other shit like that? Blaming her uselessly, she also didn’t want to step back so she fought against them while they harassed her. This was unbelievable, never have we come across anyone so unprofessional who would talk to their client in such a filthy way. It was absolutely disgusting. Intellibiz is a scam, please don’t deal with such frauds! These people just do anything, their customer service is bullshit, fucking ruthless pricks and their guide is useless, fucking no help. We have seen so many other clients complain and now we know we’ve done the right thing as well. Intellibiz needs to be investigated by the FTC, they are a sham trying their best to rip people off. We thankfully got our money back, but we can’t forget their ruthless behaviour. SHAME ON THEM!
  • 13th Oct, 2017
  • Crime
Let's start with the names. Bill Vaughn Chuck Hall Who are they? Look up those names and you will find that everyone is telling the same thing: they are scammers. Not a single person who wrote on any message board on the internet had anything good to say about these two. Some of them even go so far to threaten to bash their skulls in. Now, why do you think that is? And how come EVERYONE IN THE WORLD who had dealings with these two is telling the same thing? And the sad part about those complaints is that these fuckers are constantly looking them up and trying to refute any allegations. WTF? You heard of the saying where there is smoke, there is fire? Well, the smoke screen about these idiots is as big as the mountain. And Bill and Chuck are aware that the ground below their feet is shrinking so they are trying like crazy to refute any allegations of fraud. Let me tell you why that is. This is how they operate. This whole thing works on semi-legal terms. They scam you but legally they got their asses covered with the conditions and terms agreement. The thing is, they made that agreement so convoluted, a skilled lawyer has difficulty finding his way around it. And they hired lawyers who specialize in that agreement alone so suing them is a futile effort. Everything about Intellibiz is designed to scam you and their program is a complete scam. So if you visit their website it is riddled with titles that you can download their course for free! That's faulty advertisement because nothing with these guys is free. As soon as you enter your credit card info and buy even the cheapest option they offer, you are automatically signed up for monthly fees that are not small btw. AND NOWHERE ON THE WEBSITE IS THAT ACTUALLY STATED! And then you get the materials and whatever, but the troubling part is that it is nearly impossible to opt out of this ridiculous program. Just trying looking Intellibiz up and you will find multiple instances of people complaining about the fact that they are getting ripped off and that whenever they try to opt out of the monthly program, they are met with some kind of a problem. Many of the victims, if I may call them that since that is basically what users of this program are, reported that they had to cancel their credit cards since it was the only way to stop getting billed by these scammers. And the program itself is so useless, you can find most of it online and it makes no change to your ability to conduct your business. Simply put, these guys are charging you relatively huge amounts of money to blow the smoke up your ass. And they are doing so under false pretense which in fact is illegal but have the brains to make it nearly impossible to stop them. That seems to be the worst part of this particular scam. No law enforcement agency has the authority to stop these fucks and they are free to keep finding new victims for their scams. It is kinda fascinating how successful these idiots actually are. They market themselves as real estate experts but actually they are experts in defrauding people and stealing their money. So what to do? It seems that the only way to stop these scammers is to spread the truth about them. That is the primary reason that compelled me to write this post in the first place. It sickens me that there is no legal way to stop them and I want to do my part to stop the injustice that they are causing. And they are fully aware that people are seeing through their lies and actively work on taking down everything negative about them from the web. Hundreds of posts about them that actually told the truth were taken down due to their pressure and lawsuit threats and on the ones they didn't manage to take down, they posted replies as fake users who are defending their program. There was even a couple of sites that were completely shut down by these assholes just so they can keep ripping people off. WORD OF ADVICE FOR ANYONE LOOKING TO DEAL WITH INTELLIBIZ: DON'T. It is simply a fraud and you will come to regret it big time!
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