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  • 26th Sep, 2017
  • Business
There may be other joys in the world other than graduating from college with a degree, but I have not found them yet. For me, being out in the world, learning and getting ready to face challenges, working, getting a good house somewhere, going to the beach in my vacations and maybe even driving the Ferrari La Ferrari was the dream. How could life be any better? Two years down the line and nothing, no job, no house, definitely no Ferrari and having trouble feeding myself, I felt like a prodigal son. The difference was that I had no home to return to, and I had to either make it or make it. When I landed a job with Leapforce, I thought I had finally had my break. For $13 an hour I could now afford to at least pay my rent at the end of the month and have a decent three meals a day, or so I thought. The company, however, is one filled with fraudsters who are taking advantage of the unemployed and desperate masses. These are assholes that sit down and plot on how to misuse people and then dump them like garbage. I really thought my life had turned around and I would finally be able to work and get somewhere in life. With time, I had thought that I would get promoted and have an income of $17. What I did not know was that you are not paid for the training period which may take a whole week, and you will still be using your own electricity and data bundles. The bastards take advantage of your desperation. While you may think that you’re paid for the hours you work, the payment is actually for every task you complete. If a task is given to you and Leapforce thinks it should be done in 5 minutes, and you take 10, you will not be paid for the extra minutes. What is worse is that if you choose to be as hard working as I was and submit your work faster, you will have to wait until the set time till the previous project is over before you can have another project sent to you. These fuckers will even punish you for being fast in doing your jobs! How? Well, if you submit your assignment faster, they will stop sending you as many projects and you may even receive an email letting you know that you better shape up or ship out. When you are working, the company will take random assignments and see how you are rated. With the ratings you get, the company will send you a stern warning on how you will have to go about if you want to keep your job. The bastards get you so freaked out about being fired that you are always stressed when working. You have to rely on the moral support from your co-workers in chats so as to get through the jobs you are expected to complete. One time, in fact, I recall the chats were down, and I was so stressed I felt like I would die. The cunts don’t care though as long as you keep working and they are paying you. It is like they assume the money they give you automatically makes you a robot and they can threaten you as they wish and use you as they want. The money they give you will make you want to stay because you have no other means of income and you just really have to have a roof over your head and food in your stomach. At random times, you will be required to work overtime for an undefined number of hours and for an undefined number of days. The worst part about working with the company is the firing. The company will let you go for low quality even without warning. When they feel that you are not living up to their standards, you will be fired without warning, and they will rudely say that you can ask them if you have any inquires. However, they won’t answer your questions. These jerks get what they want from you and they move on to the next great prey. This is exactly what happened with me and it left me drained and I lost all my confidence. They rip off their employees and undermine their abilities to the level that they lose all belief in themselves. I want you guys to learn from my experience and beware of these bastards!
  • 5th Jan, 2017
  • Business
I am ready to say it standing on top of the roof that Leapforce is a scam. Do not believe anything that their website tells you. You have to give an online interview exam only after which you will get a client project to complete. I did that and even got through. To add to it, I even completed on of their projects, which I am yet to be paid for. From the looks of it, they have no intention of paying me. I found their phone number. Do take it down in case you might need it - +1 925-730-0073. They hardly ever answer the phone, anyway. And even if they do, they give you stupid reasons and hang up. There are like a million legit websites that offer work at home options and I don’t know why I had to land on Leapforce’s website. It is like my fate was asking me to learn what it means to be scammed. They are simply exploiting the people who work for them by not paying them what they are due. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who hasn’t been paid. My sister and I live together and work from home so that we are not stuck in a boring 9-5 job. Also, I am a student so I don’t have the time for a 9-5 job. Now with me not getting my money from Leapforce, she is worried too. It is not fair that you give someone a project, they apply all their minds and efforts into it, and then you do not pay them as they deserve to be. This is one of the worst ways to treat someone. What are we in the slave era? This is just disgusting. I haven’t been able to sleep well at night as well because of them. Their office is somewhere in Phoenix, Leapforce, Inc., 5050 Hopyard Rd. #425, Pleasanton, California 94588. I have even flooded their emails ([email protected]) with mine so that they might feel a little guilty about how they are treating me. But clearly they feel nothing. I shared this with a friend of mine and she told me to complain to the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website. Apparently, it doesn’t take too long. They don’t handle employment matter but do handle contract matters. You can mention on their website that your contract was terminated without any indication of doing so by them. Spread the word so that no one else thinks of taking up a job like this and it should shut down. I have also told everyone I know that Leapforce is a freakin scam and to stay away from these guys. Suing them will probably more of a loss for me than for them. I have to work hard to get by so paying for legal fees is the last thing on my mind. I am a student, apart from paying for my rent and food expenses; I also have to pay my student loans. My poor sister helps me with what she can but there is only so much the poor girl can do.
  • 26th Jul, 2017
  • Finance
Where to begin? Leapforce, simply put, has done me wrong. I spent hours trying to qualify for their agent program, just to be rejected on the counts of their incompetence. They claim they are completely professional and dedicated, but the simple truth is they are only looking to exploit their agents and on the first sign of complaining, kick them to the curb. I tried out for their agent program and was required to pass the tests. First, the tests are bullshit, and they take so long to complete, it's ridiculous. And when you actually pass one of the two tests, a link to the third one is broken. But the clock’s ticking and you end up failing the test. The first time I failed to complete them on the counts if their incompetence to maintain their servers or whatever up. I contacted the customer support and I can really find out from them is that I failed. No shit, genius, it took an expert help for me to realize that... I swear to god, they have these monkeys working for them, but when someone really competent applies for their agent program, they reject him. I guess they are afraid that an intelligent person might figure out that what they are doing is close to slavery. But I can't really complain about that. As long as there are sheep, the wolves are fat.   So anyhow, I failed the first application, but somehow managed to get through to someone in the customer support and explain them what really happened. This person promised to reset my account and let me complete the third test. Well, they did reset it, but I had to take the test all the way from the start. And this time, I passed. It wasn't hard, just the damn page was working.   The workload was non-existent. I made $14 in the first week. Yup, at that rate, I would earn less in a year that a Chinese sweatshop worker earns a week. Again, I contacted the customer support, but this time, the agent (when I actually got a chance to talk to one) was not at all polite. As the matter of fact, he was quite rude. He dismissed me saying that I need to earn a chance to get assignments.   What was I supposed to do? Sacrifice a cow and pray to Shiva? Anyhow the workload picked up after about a month and I worked for 4 hours every day, without exception. So there is 30 days in a month and I worked a total of 120 hours. But my work log was registering only 94. And you can guess what I did next...   This time, I wasn't even able to get through to a living person from the customer support. What a joke. I was done with them anyway. They are super incompetent and they simply do not worry about their employees. I can just guess what are they like with their clients. So they stole 30% of my work hours and made my peace with it. All I wanted is to get my money and close the account.   Of course, the money was late. I finished my last task on October 19th. I did not receive my money until the end of January! Yup, that's the way they do business. They fuck you over and then keep stringing you for the money. But I got it eventually and requested from them to delete my account.   You guessed it, customer support. This time they were really pissed off. The agent that handled my account called me all sorts of names. But apart from that, a bigger issue was in play. They "closed" my account, but my personal information, including my credit card, was still on there. Multiple times I requested them to delete that information, never once did I even get a reply.   There has to be some kind of a law these guys are breaking by keeping my info! This simply cannot be the case. First of all, they stole from me. Second, I voluntarily ended our agreement, and they should honor their side of that agreement closure. I cautiously canceled the credit card that was registered with the account, but my other information is STILL ON their website. I looked up a lawyer and I will find out if what they are doing is legal or not!   Here is where I applied https://www.leapforceathome.com/qrp/public/jobs/list And this is the number of infamous customer support. Telephone: +1 925-730-0073 Fax: +1 925-730-0074   And the email where I sent my requests: [email protected]
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