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Address  :North Carolina, North Calorina, US
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  • 30th Jan, 2017
  • Web Services
$15000 Report Loss
My name is Jim Thompson. I work for a private firm which exports goods to global countries. I have travelled multiple times to different countries because of my job. That is why I have many connections in different countries. I am a US citizen and live in San Antonio. I was in the States, it was June 2015 but I don’t remember the date exactly, I got an email. The email was from a company of Malaysia named as LYLU and CO. The mail consisted of a long ass letter. When I read the message, I was very surprised. In fact, I think it was the biggest surprise of my life. The mail came from the address [email protected] The mail had come from the trustees of the estates of the late HOLT VON KLEIST. They wanted to notify me that they had tried to contact me a lot of times but they haven’t been able to reach me. But this time, they had. It was all dramatic as shit! In addition to it, they wrote that Mr. HOLT had made me a beneficiary in his WILL. He had left a sum of THIRTEEN MILLION AND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS to the main codicil and as a last testament to his WILL. And they wanted my personal information like full name, address, telephone and fax for identification purposes. Was I fucking lucky or what! I could not believe it. I read that email about a hundred times and still could not quite believe my eyes. I wanted to cross check if this one was true. I went to their website. The link was www.LYLU-COFIRM.com. I saw that all the articles were real and the site looked promising. I thought to reply them as soon as possible. I made a reply consisting of all my personal details like my full name, telephone, fax, and address and emailed it to their address. Now it was time to wait for their reply. The waiting time was not much as they replied to me within 5 minutes saying that they had confirmed my identity and wanted to meet me. And in order to do further processing, they wanted a processing fee of $15,000. I mean that is too much for a consulting and processing fee! I was starting to get suspicious but I let it go and went ahead with it! I thought that I would get about $1350000000 and for that huge amount, $15000 was nothing! So I paid them the money through their web portal. They replied to me that they had got the payment and would process further. And they assured me a meeting next week where they would give me the address for our meet. I was satisfied with that answer. I waited for about 3 weeks but they made no reply. So I emailed them on their website and asked about the processing. But they did not respond. I started smelling something fishy. And I made a Google search of their company. FUCK! The result was like from my worst nightmare. I was fucked. The mail I had got was a scam mail. I got to know that because when I saw another site which had the URL WWW.LYLU.COM.MY, it was exactly like the FAKE website that I’d paid for: http://www.lylu-cofirm.com. Each and everything was copied from that site to this one. I got to know that they had inherited another company’s website for their FUCKING purpose. I felt FUCKED. I couldn’t do anything now. This was email INHERITANCE FRAUD which I was trapped in. I was so depressed because I’d lost a lot of money because of my greed; the money that I’d earned with a lot of hard work. Nothing worse could’ve happened to me! And I thought I’d become a millionaire! I came to know that the only difference between the two websites was that the real company’s website was live in June 2010 and the etc. was all the same. I now realize that I should’ve made a detailed report on that company before making my payment. But now I was helpless. Now I know that they are all FUCKING CHEATS. The only thing that I can do now is to warn you all to get as far away as possible from these two faced people who run the INHERITANCE FRAUD SCAM.
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