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  • 7th Aug, 2017
  • Finance
2015 was a horrible year for me. My wife asked me for a divorce in February. Our marriage had never been perfect, but I wasn’t expecting her to leave me. It was shocking to hear she was leaving. The paperwork was all done, and in a month, she had cleared out her things and left the house. We didn’t have kids, but we’d been married for 7 years. I felt hollow. I quit my job two weeks after that, hoping I’d be able to find a better one that I actually liked this time around. I attended interviews for 3 months, and I got nowhere on that front. On 21st July, I was on my way to attend yet another interview. I was driving along a busy road when all of a sudden an SUV came and rammed into my car. The guy driving seemed to have lost total control of the vehicle, and my car was hit on the driver’s side. It got badly dented, and my legs were pinned. I couldn’t move. I had bruises all over my body, and I broke my thigh that day. The medical insurance I’d been paying for tried to weasel their way out of paying for me. I tried to deal with them myself, but I honestly didn’t have the energy when I was recuperating in the hospital. I had no one to help me with things either. So I decided it was better to pay someone to handle that part of my life for me. I’d seen ads on TV all the time, flashing Morgan & Morgan’s ‘For the people’ motto. The ads were honestly pretty tacky, but they seemed to have a widespread presence, and they were certainly a well-established company. I’ll admit I got sucked in because of the brand value. There was nothing else to it. I went online to check them out too, but I honestly didn’t go there to read reviews or anything. I was in a lot of pain, and on a lot of paid meds too. So I went there just to see if they would do what I need them to do for me. Their website is predictably called www.forthepeople.com. It looked like they did do it. In fact, looking at their website, you feel like there’s nothing Morgan & Morgan does not do. I liked that about them, that they had a diverse enough team on board with them that they were able to handle all kinds of requests. So I got in touch with Morgan & Morgan. I was assigned both a paralegal and an attorney. I was told that the paralegal would call me and find out what I needed done. The guy was supposed to call me in a couple of hours, but he never did. I called Morgan & Morgan back the next day to see what was going on, and they apologized and said that he would definitely call me today. He called hours later, just when I was going to bed. I was exhausted, but I still took the effort to tell him everything he needed to know about my case and issue. He took it all down and told me that my attorney would look into it and get back to me with weekly updates. He asked me to wire them the consultation fees, which I did the next day. 2 months passed by. I went home, but I was still in a lot of pain and discomfort. I had gotten all of 3 calls in that time. One was from some random Morgan & Morgan employee who wanted to know what I thought of the service at the company. I gave her a piece of my mind right then. Only one of them was even somewhat of an update. My paralegal told me that they were talking with the other party’s insurance company and that they would get back to me with good news. I never heard from them after that. I am pretty sure they must have talked to the other person’s insurance company and claimed the money on my behalf. My paralegal knew I was sick and in a lot of pain. But these people at Morgan & Morgan have no heart. They will not stop to help anyone. All they care about is the money. Do not contact Morgan & Morgan for anything.
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