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Totally found 5 incident reports. Displaying 1–5.

  • 24 Sep, 2017

I have worked as their cafeteria staff for almost a year and let me tell you it is definitely not as serene as the website shows. Now I may not know much about the drug rehabilitation centers but this surely ain’t one. This place that is run by Per Wickstrom is a money-grubbing racket that preys on the vulnerability of addicted

  • Report #5YCFM
  • Reporter VORMANCEPI
  • 11 Jan, 2017

I was in a complete mess and needed some medical assistance to fight against drug addiction. I ended-up at the worst possible place on planet- Serenity Point Recovery Inc. You can call me Stephen and it’s only the beginning of my story. I’ve never felt so betrayed in life, the way these guys treated me. I want to parade them n

  • Report #5YCMP
  • Reporter CONDESTATZ
  • 23 Sep, 2017

The reason I’m writing this review is to spread awareness and assist families to find the right rehab center. I paid a price and I want to save others from pain, suffering and agony. The ‘Serenity Point Recovery Inc.’ can be anything but rehab center. The management is run by Per Wickstrom. I’m your friend Jacob and I’ll share m

  • Report #5YCMR
  • Reporter DSHREADYST
  • 11 Jan, 2017

When I first met the staff at Serenity Point Recovery Inc., I was shocked. These staff members were greedy, ignorant, arrogant, cruel and criminal, to an extent. They’re fraud, just like the whole set-up. I introduce myself as Peter and I’d share experience of days spent at center. The management is so dumb they didn’t bother t

  • Report #5YCMS
  • Reporter ITORIPLATI
  • 11 Jan, 2017

I was tortured, both mentally and emotionally, at Serenity Point Recovery Inc. rehab center. I signed-up for rehab program thinking I’d receive expert guidance to recover from drug addiction. They cheated, disappointed and took away the money. I was under a lot of pressure and their failure added to problems. I want to make them

  • Report #5YCMW
  • Reporter NUCKEDITEN
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Showing 1 – 5 of 5