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  • 13th Jan, 2017
  • Professionals
If there is any way I can take this company Shrinkabulls& Champ Bulldogs to court for doing what they did to me then I would. The damn fraudsters sent me a dog with a health condition. I am not as inhuman as them and have been taking the poor dog to the vet for checkups. What I found out put me in a state of shock. Even the vet says that the poor dog has been sick a long time and hasn’t been cared for. That is just horrible and it really makes my blood boil. How heartless can a person be? Do they even take any care of these animals or do they just starve these poor souls? I am in half a mind to contact PETA. These dogs might not be able to talk but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel pain. It is just horrible on Shrinkabulls& Champ Bulldogs’ part to treat these animals the way they are. What if someone did the same to them? I have been caring for this dog that they have sent me even though a sick dog is not what I had asked for. They are surely a scam company that is cheating people of their money and sending sick dogs to everyone. As angry as I am, I am utterly disgusted at their behavior. Their name deserves to have the word scam typed out before Shrinkabulls& Champ Bulldogs. When you are calling them for the first time, they have their sweetest voice on. That voice will never have you suspect even once that they are going to soon dupe you in some way or the other. And once you have purchased the dog and made a payment, they just vanish like they never existed on this planet. This has to stop and want to scream my lungs out at them. Bloody inhumans! Be careful if you ever encounter this scam company named Shrinkabulls& Champ Bulldogs. Don’t believe whatever they have to say no matter how sweet they may sound. If you do get the chance, hurl all the abuses you have ever learned in your life at them. While that may not be the best choice of revenge, it is one way of them knowing that there is someone out there who is spreading the word that Shrinkabulls& Champ Bulldogs are cheaters and lying frauds of the first order and that everyone knows that they are the biggest cheats. They shouldn’t be trusted one bit. I was buying a dog for my wife who finds it really depressing to come home to an empty house. I thought buying her a dog would be the perfect solution to her loneliness considering my job has me working late more often than not. So when I placed an order for a cute little Bulldog, I was relieved and really really happy until I actually saw what I got. I do feel bad for the dog but I just cannot think of looking after a sick dog. It will be even more depressing if the dog passes away while we have just got him. I am shaking in anger even as I type this and am looking for a way to slap this fact across Shrinkabulls& Champ Bulldogs’ face. Those guys at Shrinkabulls& Champ Bulldogs won’t answer your calls or texts and so getting hold of them is really difficult. Taking this sick dog to the vet and having its X-rays taking is zapping into a lot of my savings. They won’t take him back and are giving lame excuses as to why they aren’t ready to replace this dog. I am still trying to have my dog returned and not at my own cost. What the hell do they think that money grows on trees? Why should I have to pay extra when I was not delivered what I wanted, in the first place? Those scamsters don’t care one bit about the health of the dogs they are sending to you. All they care about is making a whole lot of money instead. I am franticand now I just want my money back. I wish that there is some way that I can drag these cheating worms to court and get them behind bars for duping people. They are ruining lives of people by sending ill health and old dogs to people and making thousands. My wife was depressed and now she is worried considering that the dog that we bought and we paid so much money for is constantly falling sick. This is just mental torture.  
  • 13th Nov, 2020
  • Professionals
Shrinkabulls puppy. Purchased at a “discount” but came with extras we didn’t anticipate including an enlarged heart, a permanent leg issue, fleas and conjunctivitis. Owner spent 30 minutes on the phone cussing me out and calling me a bitch because I requested vet records that didn’t come with the pup. Vet records that don’t exist because admittedly they don’t take their puppies for vet treatment before they sell them for tens of thousands of dollars. Also still will not send AKC paperwork. Happy to send a the phone conversation to anyone that requests it. She still has Bonnie listed on her website as an available puppy and the link to apply for and reserve this dog with a $1000 non-refundable deposit is still active. I have video evidence with a date and time stamp as proof. Don’t do business with this woman.
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