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Address  :13B-1(Danyuan)-9(Dong), Jin Di Mei Long Zhen Garden,Long Hua, Bao'an Distric, Shenzhen, 518000, CN
Phone     :+86075581470932
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  • 11th Oct, 2017
  • Scam
Solomobi is said to be a company with the cheapest deals in mobile phones and network. I heard about this Chinese firm from a friend, whose mother’s friend was using solomobi and seemed happy. I know the connection is long, but I heard good things about the firm. I had been researching online for cheap mobile phones and deals when I came across an advertisement by solomobi. Their advertisements showed pretty cheap rates and good deals, so I tracked down their website and checked it out - http://www.chinasolomobi.com/ I found a contact number on the website so I called up their customer service - (+86) 0755-8147-0932 to ask for more information. Somehow the network wasn’t clear so the conversation died in minutes, I then decided to email them. I sent an email regarding my demand to one of the mentioned ID’s -   [email protected] I waited for response, and till then checked out their website, their phone deals were pretty interesting and I was eager to get myself a new phone. When I received the email response, it had an agreement attached to it which had a 2 year contract/bond thing. I read it carefully, and decided to sign it anyway. I had to pay through western union, I was scared cause I had heard all scammers pay through that. You don’t come to know where the money goes and to whom. But because I was dying to get myself a smartphone I decided to pay anyway and got my phone in no time. I was happy. But after my subscription started it started giving me issues, the phone gave me problem, the bills were too high and when I tried contacting their customer service they were of no help. It was useless. They told me I had to pay the bill, and I couldn’t walk out of the 2 year contract. I was stuck, I didn’t know what to do. I was paying the bills and that stupid phone was giving me endless issues, I wondered if they sent me a second hand/used phone in the name of my first phone. I paid for a fresh piece, but now I had no choice, they weren’t even ready to exchange the piece. Their customer service was useless, they just were of no help, I don’t know what sort of people they have hired. Solomobi is a scam, once they get the money they don’t give a shit about their clients, and western union means immediate pay. Transaction does not take time, I don’t even know what the money went and who the money goes to, I can’t even get it back now. Solomobi was in China, so all the more I couldn’t do anything. So guys solomobi does have cheap phones but I won’t recommend it to anybody, please just do not buy from solomobi, else you’ll be stuck like I am.
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