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1601 S Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, Nevada, 89146, US

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Totally found 2 incident reports. Displaying 1–2.

I came across Daniel Nucum of Source One Companies in a party. He introduced himself as a financier and a born again Christian. Since I was looking for a financier to fund our energy project in Chile, I asked him if he would take a look. On hearing about our project he said he was proud that a fellow Christian was doing such gre

  • Report #5YCB9
  • Reporter ESTIONSULA
  • 5 Jan, 2017

Involving religion to win trust and betray after selling scams is a heinous crime. This is definitely the worst kind of scam you can ever think of. I think notorious scam artists have got something unique to them. In Daniel Nucum’s (Source One Companies) case, it was using religion to make a swift entry into victim’s lives. I’ve

  • Report #5YCG1
  • Reporter BRONILLICE
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Showing 1 – 2 of 2