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Totally found 3 incident reports. Displaying 1–3.

I learnt a new thing about scammers last year. Like any race, scammers have different kinds. I, Steven, am going to introduce you to a rare breed of scammers. The guys from TopStepTrader (TST) match the characteristics of the most lethal kind. I enrolled for funded trade account program where they fund future traders based on pe

  • Report #5YC6U
  • Reporter RUMINFELEP

My name is Stephen Johnson and I live in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Topstep Trader is a unique Chicago Fintech Brokerage founded by Mike Patak and they provide a funded trading account to aspiring options traders. When I signed up for the account in October 2015, I selected the Trading Combine Program wherein I paid $150 as monthl

  • Report #5YCGS
  • Reporter TOREDYKNOR

I have been scammed by Topstep Trader. This company is fraud, they make trades through your account and later pretend to know nothing! Now I have been trading with them the past 1 month, and all had seem to be fine. But now I have been noticing frequent changes in my trading accounts. I know the trades I make, I don’t do it bli

  • Report #5YCGU
  • Reporter NSSESTLESO
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Showing 1 – 3 of 3