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Address  :UK
Phone     :+442038072700
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  • 11th Oct, 2017
  • Scam
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On the 29th of January 2016 I got a random call from a trading company called United Options. I exactly remember the day because it was my birthday.  But in just 2 months I realized I was being scammed. The person on the phone told me that my number was selected for a special offer and that I would benefit from it. She told me that I was very lucky and that I should not think must about it. She explained everything about the company how it started and what benefits and privileges I would get if I invested in them. I was been told that they would guide me at every step and the safety of their clients was their priority. I was very much impressed with all that she said so immediately went through with the offer.   After opening a trading account I was assigned a personal manager named Mike Korson. He was supposed to guide me as to how much money I should invest and tell me the status of my money. Mike told me that I first need to pay $2000 instead of $5000 which was the standard charge for opening an account. But since I was selected for the special offer I just had to pay $2000. I readily agreed to pay that. The next day I got a call from Mike who told me to transfer $15000 to start my trading and that once I get any profit on it he would call me immediately. I did the payment and I am still waiting for his call. I tried calling him but he hasn’t answered it yet. I have even tried calling the company office but I haven’t got an answer where my money is.
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