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Totally found 3 incident reports. Displaying 1–3.

Totally found 3 incident reports. Displaying 1–3.

  • 9 Oct, 2017

How do you feel opening a can of worms accidentally? The scam Oliver Velez sold me was similar to falling in shit. There comes a point where you pity yourself and feel like you’ve no power left whatsoever. My name is Andrew and it was the worst investment I’ve ever made. These guys pushed me to the edge. I want to take revenge o

  • Report #5YCC7
  • Reporter IDEFERYMES
  • 5 Jan, 2017

The manner in which investors are treated by scammers seems like a lost and forgotten generation. There’s no place for innocent families. I realized it the hard way. I, Tony, had a torrid time dealing and convincing Vision Trading to refund money. I spent the month of March and April knocking on every door for help. The customer

  • Report #5YCGZ
  • Reporter RANOUSELDE
  • 4 Sep, 2017
  • 30000 $ Reported Loss

I had money invested with the last one from that list of crooks. Vision trading stole $18350 from me and they refuse to talk to me and take my calls. I've already talked to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and they informed me that I am not the only client they refuse to reimburse. Actually I don't need them to reimburse

  • Report #5YCMQ
  • Reporter LANKETFAIR
Showing 1 – 3 of 3
Showing 1 – 3 of 3