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  • 9th Oct, 2017
  • Scam
How do you feel opening a can of worms accidentally? The scam Oliver Velez sold me was similar to falling in shit. There comes a point where you pity yourself and feel like you’ve no power left whatsoever. My name is Andrew and it was the worst investment I’ve ever made. These guys pushed me to the edge. I want to take revenge on Oliver Velez and entire Vision Trading team. Please don’t invest in any of the schemes run by this man or this company. I was living a peaceful life, until I met him. The team of Vision Trading is full of hardcore criminals. They stop taking calls. They stop recognizing you. They contacted me on 6th April. It was the only time these guys talked sense and applied rational thinking. I turned them into arch enemies by investing in their company. A first-time investor like me had high hopes. I was looking to learn and establish myself over a period of time. To be honest with u, I wasn’t concerned about making money. I wanted to have a strong second income source five years from now. I never expected people like Oliver Velez to run a scam and cheat investors. It was bad for the entire industry and society at large. In an ideal world, the investment firm protects your interest. In the case of Vision Trading, these guys take everything away from money, peace to happiness. I wasn’t concerned about money anymore. They’re completely arrogant, bullish and threatening. I stopped calling them to get rid of them. I guess this is what they wanted. I was bored to death by these stupid customer support executives. They play dumb so that people like u and me stop calling them. I knew they’re working on a definite plan. My anger was based on repetitive nature of excuses. I guess I was also mad at myself and society. The moment I started searching on Oliver Velez and Vision Trading, I got to know everything about them. I shouted at myself. How the hell I didn’t see it coming?  U should take some time off in my opinion. In a situation like this when u are scammed, it becomes necessary to find some time for urself. At one point, I also decided to forget it and start things again. I started contacting reputable agencies. I narrowed down on a firm. Going away from these bastards offered me a chance to have a fresh perspective. I realized I shouldn’t leave them before exposing them and making things tough for them. I prepared myself for mental battle with them. I knew I got an edge over them. How? I was going to expose them. They should be afraid of people like me. I started sharing reviews with a view to reach out to wider audience. In a week, I was able to educate several online readers about their evil business plans. My revenge was over.  
  • 5th Jan, 2017
  • Scam
The manner in which investors are treated by scammers seems like a lost and forgotten generation. There’s no place for innocent families. I realized it the hard way. I, Tony, had a torrid time dealing and convincing Vision Trading to refund money. I spent the month of March and April knocking on every door for help. The customer service team inflicts pain and suffering on wounds. I was tricked by Oliver Velez and Vision Trading. Things were quite different in the beginning. These guys made corny promises and false assurances. They talked highly of industry experience and expert customer support. They’re crooks. They’re like thieves who would chase u, find details about u and break into house when you aren’t around. In the case of scam artists, they sell fake products and break your trust in the worst way possible. The only option I’d is to go after and expose the scammers. I wasn’t aware of troubled past record of these guys. They’ve been in business for some time. The disturbing fact was these guys, especially Oliver Velez, is in the habit of changing names of its companies from time to time. It became clear he’s an experienced scam artist. When I first got to know of their evil intentions, I panicked. The support team brought me down to knees and made me surrender to their dumb behavior. The only reason they’re dere is to shout at you and reject every request right away. I’d no other option but to stop calling them. Who else was there? I didn’t know what to do or whom to approach.   I started calling customer service team with a definite plan. I knew they play on caller’s misery. I took the fight to them. They weren’t expecting me to come after them. I was successful in a way I got to discuss things with their manager, Mark. The guy made a kind of promise to return the money. I knew he was lying. Ur life becomes meaningless. You tend to lose grip of things. The scam artists paralyze ur mind and reasoning skills. I was too sad to fight or go back to normal self. It was a tough period as I continued to suffer in pain. I was losing self-respect. That was the turning moment. Dere I saw a light entering through the other end of tunnel. I got myself back and launched a vicious attack on Oliver Velez and Vision Trading. I was fighting without the fear of being rejected.   At the same time, my efforts to expose Oliver Velez and Vision Trading were getting somewhat successful. Some people contacted me and asked about Oliver Velez. I stopped them from making any investment. This was the ultimate revenge. I want every single investor who wants to invest in similar programs to skip Vision Trading and think of other options. I was delighted to see my efforts bringing hope and light to others.  
  • 4th Sep, 2017
  • Scam
$30000 Report Loss
I had money invested with the last one from that list of crooks. Vision trading stole $18350 from me and they refuse to talk to me and take my calls. I've already talked to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and they informed me that I am not the only client they refuse to reimburse. Actually I don't need them to reimburse me; I need them to give the money I legally own!!! These fuckers are still in business and I don't understand how the hell that is possible. I had invested initially $10000 with them and made a smart decision in my first trade that landed me a hefty return. I deposited another $20000 and was doing just fine. Then the news about the leadership of this company broke and I started looking into it. It turned out that these idiots were defrauding people for a really long time and they always managed to get away with it. I called up my broker and told him I would like to pull my money out. But I had to lie to him and promise that it is only because I am buying a new house and that I need it for down payment until I sell the old one. Then I would invest it back and even more. I knew he would be greedy for that but I also knew I wouldn't otherwise get a penny out of these fucks. It took them a week to get me money back BUT I ONLY GOT HALF OF IT. I got angry and threatened to sue them and since then, they refuse to talk to me about the second half of my money. They basically stole it and I’m running out of options to pressure them to give it back. My lawyer told me that there is still a chance I would get my money back but I think that what they are doing IS FCUKING ILLEGAL. I even spoke to a lawyer and he told me that they are obligated to return my money in 90 days but it has been more than 3 months since I requested the withdraw. These motherfuckers are not gonna get away with this and I’ll get my money back one way or another And what bothers me the most is that I did a solid research prior to investing money with them at all. But THESE FUCKS did their homework and FALSIFIED EVERYTHING! All the websites they had on the web have since been removed. All the references they had about their portfolio, trading, profits are gone and none of it can be found anywhere. Most of the phone numbers I called are now disconnected and they closed a couple of offices. These guys have done it multiple times so they know how to get away with it. But THEY WILL FALL this time. I am determined and will not give up on my money. I don't care about it as much as I care that they are doing this over and over again. So if there is anyone that has been cheated or defrauded like I was by these fucks or any other company that operates under the same leadership, contact me and we’ll sue them together. Once we finish with them they will not have a penny in their name. I DID NOT AGREE TO THEIR TERMS and they will have to give me my money back. I swear to god this will end with them paying me back one way or another. These idiots think they are smarter than everyone else. When they get slapped with a class action suit and once we are finished with them, they will regret ever talking to me in the first place. I did very well in my life financially mostly because I had the patience and persistence in the business and I never EVER let things slide. I won't let this slide either. These idiots will be sorry they messed with me or with any of the people that join me in pursuit. I might have invested a small amount of money with them but I am not a small fish in this sea! The thing that makes me even angrier is that they did this to people that do care about their money and they stole them their future. I’ll get them for them as well! JUSTICE FOR ALL!
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