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Totally found 4 incident reports. Displaying 1–4.

Totally found 4 incident reports. Displaying 1–4.

I've heard that the guy behind Zrii has been a successful businessman and was behind the Fruit of the Loom company and couple of others. Naturally when you hear something like that you assume that the company this guy is working for is not a scam or pyramid scheme, but actually, a good opportunity to secure a second income. Beli

  • Report #5YC7U
  • Reporter LACUISMICA

I would advise everyone to simply avoid Zrii. Simply put, the amateurism of the company is ridiculous. I am a chiropractic therapist from Edmonton and my practice slowly grew over the years. But I had to stay competitive and offer my clients more than just my services. The ultimate decision on the idea of expanding fell on offe

  • Report #5YC7V
  • Reporter DERINNERIM
  • 10 Oct, 2017

Zrii is a company that sells these supposedly healthy juices that claim to cure diseases but I don't think it is the case in anyway. Why would any health juice company that has proven results depend on an MLM selling tactic? These guys have the biggest scam running that claims to hit big in the healthcare industry! I’m Steve a

  • Report #5YCBS
  • Reporter EANTIONDON
  • 13 Jan, 2017

I’m Mason living in the United States since 10 years. I’ve myself been fighting with two diseases since quite some time now. I am obese and diabetic! My wife wanted me to have a natural cure for my diseases and so she went on to look for some natural remedies out there..! She came across this Zrii juice company which claims to

  • Report #5YCN5
  • Reporter TIONEWOOTP
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Showing 1 – 4 of 4