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Create a Permanent Record

At NameandShame users are given a voice to share their grief about their discouraging experiences with companies that have scammed them, lied to them, ripped them off, or wronged them in any other way. By publishing a complaint to this platform, you are creating a permanent record of an issue that resulted in unnecessary expenses, threatened or harmed your health, or even as much as simply ruined your mood because of the inadequate quality of a product you purchased or service you received. This record will not be removed and is here to stay for everyone to see. Even if the company you posted your complaint against will resolve the issue with you, it will stay here, on NameandShame as a reminder about the importance of being responsible and accountable, whenever doing business.

Exercise Your Free Speech, Freely

NameandShame is a platform for free speech. This means that you can express your feelings without limits and your complaints are going to be published as long as they are in line with our guidelines. This also means that you don’t have to pay a single penny to join the community, share your experience, and fight for justice. That being said, NameandShame isn’t meant to promote anyone’s personal agenda, so if you have some personal vendetta against some company because they didn’t want to give a discount, this is not the place to whine about it. But, if you’ve paid a huge premium and didn’t receive your purchase, your complaint is going to be published on this site and you will be able to contest the injustice you’ve suffered.

Focused On Getting Results

So, you’ve submitted your complaint to NameandShame. What’s next? Don’t worry, what follows is rather simple. After our admins and moderators review and approve your complaint, it’s going to become available for public view and will, thus, get exposure. Its effectiveness, however, completely depends on the way you write it and the evidence you attach to it. The more thorough you do it, the more attention it’s going to get. Re-checking your complaint before submitting it is critical because you will neither be able to edit nor remove it once it’s published. Focus on the result you want to achieve with your complaint and do your best to make it stand out via proper and accurate writing, details, and evidence.

Build for Transparency

The NameandShame platform and community is all about transparency. You are able to see everything that happens to your complaints after they’re published: clicks, comments, and other things. The companies that are complained about can also take advantage of the platform and try to either resolve the issue or submit an official rebuttal if they believe the complaint was unsubstantiated. We want to help build a healthy provider-consumer environment, where everyone respects each other and does their best whether in providing quality services or products or in paying and leaving adequate feedback. Today you’re a seller, who rips someone off and saves a couple of bucks, but tomorrow you can become a buyer, who gets ripped off twice as worse. Respect, honesty, and transparency are what ensure healthy market relations.
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Posting a complaint to NameandShame is a sign that you have had enough, and are ready to fight the corrupt and the powerful. Unfortunately, there are hardly any platforms conducive for online activism, revelation on, whistleblowers, and exposé. This changes now, as NameandShame is the platform you need to bring the corporate neglect to light.
Without Watchdog Platforms Like Us
Impunity becomes the very foundation upon which systems of corruption
are built. And if impunity is not demolished, all efforts to bring an end to
corruption are in vain.