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15th Nov, 2021

Here's my experience with Crushnearby

So, here's my experience. I decided to invest some in their credits to test the waters. my latest experience with replying to an email goes like this.
It started with this message from a :member"
"I sent you that flirty message and you didn't even respond? I hope you were just busy. I'm actually looking for a lunch date. Already at the (name of your town) restaurant. Do you want to meet me?"

Mind you, this is the first message I have received from this account.
my immediate reply:

"Sure, Which one? As I am about out of credits, You can email the location to me on *******@*****.com. I have wasted too much on credits on this site and I am not buying anymore. Seems that all the women here just want to chat at $1.50 per message. My name is ****."

The reply I received about 20 minutes later:

"I'm sorry about that, I got your email, but I would prefer to use it later on, when we build something here, I know you would understand, what are you interested in?"

Now this "user" just invited me to meet for lunch and she is already at the restaurant. But, with my reply, she wants to ignore sending to my email and ask me more questions. She obviously trusts me enough to invite me for lunch yet not trust me with her email. You also notice she still did not give the location of the restaurant she is "already at."

This type of dodge happened virtually every time I tried to communicate off site with any other member, even those who said, in their first message. that they did not want to "waste time and credits here." Even then I got the "I feel safer talking here message" Even though they have said they "want you in my bed tonight" or " how fast can you get here?" Like the one I got on 12/31/2020 at 10:30 pm wanting me to come to her place and "bring in 2021." Yet would not email her address to me without "talking here for a while first." WHAT???
They just want you to buy more credits. Each message you send costs you $1.50, unless you buy in bulk, them you can save a few pennies each. I had one that even got sent twice, and yes I was charged for both identical messages. I also had one instance where it sent a blank message as soon as I clicked on it to start typing. Yup TOTAL SCAM

Another test I ran was to create an account for a female using another email account that I have. Real pictures of a real person and all. I did this from my tablet with a different internet connection so the IP would not be the same.
I then sent likes and favorited the new account and my regular account to each other. Shortly after this I went to bed.
When I woke up. I could not login to the new account(username or password invalid) and I could not find that profile in my favorites. I also could not find the free favorite notification messages sent between the 2. TOTAL SCAM again.

Also, when you type messages, you are limited as to how long that message can be, 700 characters, the same as the "write a couple of lines about yourself" portion of your profile page. So you pay $1.50 for a message that is too short to answer the questions asked and may end up having to send 2 messages if you want to continue communication. TOTAL SCAM again.

Oh and that "write a couple of lines about yourself" section I mentioned above? Everytime I returned after filling it out, those are the words there. No matter how many times I filled it in and clicked on SAVE, it would be gone when I next looked. Yet I would constantly get messages from members saying that the just read my profile and like it. Let me add that many of the profiles you view just say "Nearby" for location instead of city and or states That way they can message all areas from these fake accounts. I tried to change mine to say the same but it would not let me. TOTAL SCAM again

Some of the messages I received would have my name and location switched. In other words they would call me by (my location) and would say they live in (my name) too.Maybe they are using some form of software that automatically pulls these from my profile and they set it up wrong. They would say they liked my pictures when I had none and ask me to upload some when I did. They would ask me if I liked their pictures when they had none. TOTAL SCAM again.

DO NOT join this site unless you want message with bots and fake accounts at $1.50 per SHORT message and never meet anyone.

The only thing I can say good about this site is that my card was not charged for anything other than my purchase.

I hope this helps some of you make up your mind.

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