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Carl Piper
22nd Apr, 2016

Fooled all of us

The internet has helped many people in building successful businesses and increasing their income. But it has also helped scammers in reaching more people. As the market has too many people claiming to help you ‘get rich’, it gets hard to distinguish, which one is legit. One such marketer that has entered the spotlight is Dan Lok. He is a liar, a scammer and everything else which constitutes a FRAUD. He lies with confidence and he lies so many times that one might begin to wonder if he ever tells the truth.

I made the foolish mistake of buying one of his courses. He is a retarded baboon who doesn’t have an idea of how to even market his brand. He has recently entered the market. Like Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez, he also wants to make a name for himself. What he doesn’t realize is the fact that people can see if you’re a liar or not. Repeating a lie hundreds of times doesn’t change the truth. People can see who is legit and who is not. I am telling you, Dan Lok is a scam. Not only me, but numerous other people also think that they wasted their money on buying this guy’s worthless courses. I made the mistake of getting his books because I didn’t know if he was legit or not. At that time, Dan Lok wasn’t that popular. And you don’t expect to get a ton of trash packaged in a book.

Taking Dan Lok’s course was just like reading the views of an 8-year old. He doesn’t know when to stop and he doesn’t know what to say.

I am urging you to stay away from this scammer because he doesn’t have just one scheme to steal your money. No, he has many ways to get money out of your pocket, so he can shoot videos of himself driving luxurious cars and talking about sales. If Dan Lok really had any idea of sales, he wouldn’t be selling trash-packed books.

He claims to be a copywriter before becoming a marketer. Ask a professional copywriter how his website’s copy is, and you’ll get to see how good a copywriter Dan really is. This guy has taken money from thousands of people in the name of financial coaching and personal development. The value those guys received is null. I am one of those guys too and I hate this fact. Dan Lok is nothing but a self-centered, idiotic scammer who keeps lying to everyone else.


Dan Lok: A little background check

Dan Lok claims to be an expert marketer and gives a ‘rags to riches story’ about his climb. His web of lies starts from here. On his website, he talks about himself as a guy who came from humble beginnings and made it big after facing a lot of hurdles. He has a generic story to share with you and everyone else. It’s important that you know about this story so you can spot a scammer in the future. I can’t believe I fell for this story. If I had a little idea about Dan’s lies and scams I wouldn’t have wasted my money buying this guy’s crap.

He was born in Hong Kong and his parents moved to Canada when he was 14. His father stayed in Hong Kong, He adds that his mother faced many hardships in raising him due to the poor financial condition.

He further says that his father wasn’t able to send money to him and his mom. So they lived poorly. He got a job in a grocery store and later, he dropped out of college. Why did he drop out when his mother was facing so many hardships? That’s because he found his mentor, Alan Jacques.

All of this seems legit. There are no plot holes whatsoever apart from the fact that he doesn’t mention any specific detail. Where did he use to live? Where is his father now? Where was he born in Hong Kong? In what year was he born? He has left out these details which make his bio a little vague. But the best part comes after he mentions his meeting with his mentor.

He started and failed in 13 business ventures!! 13!!

That’s a lot of business ventures. I wonder where did he get that much money or was he too dumb to run any one of these? He failed at this many businesses and then all of a sudden, he got successful. And he got this success through internet marketing. Nothing specific again, which raises some other red flags, like what kind of marketing did he do and whose marketing? No, he just states that he started internet marketing and started earning big bucks.

His success, according to the facts, started when he started running scams. His achievement? Owning a YouTube channel and a coaching company which helps people close deals. He doesn’t have anything special to share about his achievements.

Dan Lok can’t give proofs of his claims. He says he has been featured on NBC and Fox News but there are no shreds of evidence of the same. He is a two times TEDx speaker and he’s proud of that.

Remember, TEDx is different from TED. TEDx is independent events. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you find out that Dan actually scammed the hosts of that event for some publicity.

He is a great liar I can tell you that. But is he worth your money? No, he has cheated thousands of people. He is fooling people and I am one of the fooled ones. If I had a little idea about his reality, I wouldn’t have made any purchases. My loss wasn’t any small one. I lost over $2,400 to this cheat.

I had bought his “High-Ticket Closer Certification Program”. You will have to pay $2500 or more (depending on when you buy) for getting into this certification program. And it’s full of useless, fictional information. I paid a quarter of 10 grand for something I can watch on YouTube. 

To sum up the whole course in one word, I’d say it is crap. It is full of nonsense. I don’t think anyone else should waste his or her money for this load of trash. If you are really dying to pay someone $2,500 for some motivational videos, stop. Go to someplace else. Spend that money on getting a degree or buying some useful books (not FU Money, I’ll discuss it later).

Don is running a scam, there’s no doubt about that. YouTube is full of motivational videos. Search for one, and thousands of results will pop up. You don’t need to pay $2,500 for the same crap.

There is really nothing special or anything of value in the course of Dan Lok. All it provides you is just a load of BS which you can avoid easily just by ignoring his large head.

While most of the High-Ticket Closing Program is about getting motivated and the biography of Dan Lok, the last part does give you an opportunity to earn some money.

Yes, you can earn more money after taking part in this program. That’s because it has a PYRAMID SCHEME as well. Every day, my LinkedIn feed gets full of offers from the members of the High-Ticket Closing Program. They all want you to buy the program from them. They all off you some sort of discount. Why?

Because they will get a commission from the same. Dan is creating an army of affiliate marketers for his courses through his courses. What these people don’t realize is, they are ultimately filling his pocket and advertising a false product.

As you can see he is with a high-value car and showing off his money. What does he prove by that? He is showing that you can get rich just like him, start riding expensive cars just like him and have a rich life just like him if you purchased his useless course for $2,500.

When I took this course, I felt ashamed of myself. I couldn’t believe that I was actually scammed by someone so easily. Dan is a real scam and he’s good at falsely marketing his products.

If he was teaching you how to make money or giving you some really useful and practical advice, I would have loved to market his course. But he is only giving you generic and bullshit advice that is too obvious. There is nothing special in it except a pyramid marketing scheme and some promos of his other courses.


How is his Company?

You might think, “Okay, Don Lok’s courses are bad and he lies, but he is running a great company, isn’t he?” Let me tell you something, his company is full of morons and idiots who don’t know anything about customer service. Their soft skills are nonexistent and they are too stupid to learn anything.

When I bought the useless High-Ticket Closing Course, I was very disappointed with it. It was like I flushed $2,500 down the toilet. I contacted the customer support and asked them about the course.

I wanted to know if I got the latest version of his course or was there some material not available in my course because I did not want to believe that I was really scammed by this fool.

They told me I got access to the full course and it was the latest version. In reply, I asked them if they could give me a refund because the course was certainly not worthy of my money.

They canceled.

They canceled the call right away. Now, one could think that it was a coincidence or some technical malfunction. So, I gave them another call. I asked for my refund and they bluntly said, “SIR, it’s clear that you don’t understand our policies. WE, DO NOT, GIVE REFUNDS.

The customer support of this self-proclaimed legend doesn’t even know how to talk to the customers? I tried multiple times. I reached out to them through email and through social media. But they never responded. The low-quality and lack of professionalism of Don Lok’s customer support made me realize how poor salesman Don really is.

If he can’t teach his customer support to behave properly, he certainly can’t teach someone else to close deals. I’ll say this again, Don Lok is a mastermind criminal. He is a fraud and he is running a huge business which sells bogus courses and pyramid schemes promising everyone that he is going to make them rich. He is a pathetic human being who is cheating hundreds of people every month. Some have wasted their money by buying his courses, others, by buying his books. He clearly doesn’t offer anything of value and if you want to gain some real and practical knowledge, go someplace else. This guy is clearly a criminal.


Trash he sells online –

I’m saying all this because I know what kind of ruthless and degenerate crimes this guy is doing. He is stealing money from hundreds of people and telling everyone that he is going to make them rich.

He is selling bogus courses and people can’t even realize it. They are too distracted by his pomp and show and baseless claims. He is running a large scale scam. And he must be stopped. I have already discussed his ‘High-Ticket Closer’ program and you now know how much information you will get out of it.

In case, you forgot, High-Ticket Closer is full of unusable information. It is a part of his pyramid scheme and it gives you no information at a cost price of $2,500.


Now, let me discuss some other vital products of Dan Lok.

The next program I see on his website is ‘Tube your own Horn’. It is based on making a successful YouTube channel. Do you think it’ll be worth your time and money?

For that, you’ll need to take a look at his YouTube channel.

He has 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube. I wonder why people subscribed on his channel? What secrets does he share? He has spent thousands of dollars on advertising his YouTube channel so he can gain these many followers. He needed a huge number like this on his channel so he can lie freely.

Tell me, would you believe a guy who has 2 followers on YouTube? Or a guy with 1 million followers? It doesn’t matter how good the advice of the former guy is, you’ll not trust him. On the other hand, no matter how bogus, worthless and useless the latter’s advice is, you’ll believe it.

Dan knows this. He takes the money he gets from these bogus and useless courses and spends it on his social media marketing. This way, he can fool people easily and steal their money.

If someone sells you a clay pot by telling that it’s made of gold, you’ll call it a scam. Dan is doing the same thing. The difference is, he’s doing it to many people. I’ve been one of them and I don’t want anyone else facing these losses. He has already sold a low-quality and pathetic course to me so I’m pretty sure that he hasn’t changed anything with his ‘Tube your own Horn’ course.

I’ve never actually bought it and you can’ find its price on his website. He keeps the prices hidden so he can fool you easily. He distracts the visitors with a nonsense webinar and when the visitor thinks, ‘Dan seems legit’, he shows you the price tag. His YouTube course is also of some thousand dollars because I have seen some of its reviews and they are not positive. The next program is Dan on Demand. It is just a membership where you can get familiar with him and his course material. It’s for those who don’t know who Dan is.

Again, I’m warning you, stay away from this guy. The more attention you give to him, the easier it will be for him to fool you. He is a scammer and he’s good at it. Don’t waste your money buying digital junk.


How he finds his targets

Like any other scammer, Dan also requires some strategies to find his customers. No scammer can run a scam if he/she can’t find people.

Thanks to social media, his task has become quite simple. He just keeps posting ads with fake products and generic advice and gets people to visit his website.

When someone visits his website, they get to see The Man, The Myth and The Legend. They also see his TEDx speech and his bogus bio. Through all of this pomp and show, he manipulates people to buy his courses.

When you’ll buy one of his courses, you’ll be told at the end that you could buy an even costlier course and get more info. Believe me, my email was filled with Dan’s emails about his $6,000 course about making money online. But after the useless advice of his High-Ticket course, I realized that I don’t need to waste my $6,000 on another one of his trashy products. His biggest asset is his YouTube channel.

He spends a lot of money on advertising his videos so they can increase his brand awareness. He needs good stats on his YouTube channel so he can trick people into believing that he is a legit self-help guru. In reality, he doesn’t have that many followers. Most of his subscribers on YouTube are paid bots. And he is able to buy them because of his bogus courses.

After his YouTube channels come to his Twitter account. Twitter is a little strict in terms of followers and Dan doesn’t advertise much here, so he only has 349 followers here.

The same story is on Instagram where you will see around 14k followers. Now, Instagram is also full of bots just like YouTube and it won’t be a surprise if his followers drop all of a sudden when a new update rolls out.

 He is a lying, fake it till you make it internet marketer, who is probably making lots of money from the sheep that gets tricked by his videos and social media posts into buying his overpriced, over the phone, $2500 webinar.

If you do your due diligence, using information in the youtube video, you will find that his apartment is in the Three Harbour Green Tower at 277 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, Canada. If you search online for pictures and video of the penthouse, you'll find that it is much bigger than the apartment shown in his video and with ceilings at least twice as high.

He is most certainly not filming in the penthouse because his apartment is too small and the ceiling is too low to be the penthouse. This is common sense, if that was the penthouse in his video, it is a pretty pathetic penthouse.

I like how he doubles down toward the end of the video and says "...but anyway this is the very same penthouse that Mel Gibson, Liam Neeson, Chow Yun-fat and also Chris Hemsworth, [inaudible] from Marvel have stayed in and now it's my home."

He likes to lie, exaggerate and overstate, the videos are manufactured to sell his course and put money in his pocket. The formula is confidence, mixed with some truth, mixed with lies, mixed with a luxury car, house, jewelry, watches. All that creates a very seductive marketing scheme to lure people into buying his overpriced products.

Here is a listing of a regular apartment in the tower, has the same "Ferrari" kitchen design and ceiling height as his apartment.

 Given his track record of unverifiable claims and exaggerations, how can you believe anything he says? Truth mixed with lies and exaggerations in order to push products, a fake guru.

He manipulates a lot of Asian and other countries' well-known stories into his own and with all those disciplines and hard work, creative thinking stories have made him a multi-millionaire. Prior to his online teaching/webinar thing, I doubt he was truly rich. He says he made a lot of money from copywriting prior to becoming a Youtube star and copywriting just doesn't make enough money like he claims to be. Companies who would pay big money for content writers would go to an actual marketing agency with a solid reputation, not to someone who wears a shady suit with an oily hair with 0 credible backgrounds, it's common sense. He does say one right thing though, you need a "high-income skill." Most people achieve that high-income skill via going to schools and years of training before making anything over 6 figure, not by taking a few weeks of Dan Lok's class.

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