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31st Jan, 2020

Desmond Ong Scammed Me! The Platinum Mastery Program Is USELESS

Desmond Ong is one of the most notorious online scammers out there. If you haven’t, you can look up the reviews of his products and you’ll see some harsh truths. He is running a huge scam and acts like he’s a truthful entrepreneur. He claims to be an inspiration to many but he is just a filthy and greedy thief. I made the mistake of getting his Platinum Mastery Program, after I saw his website ‘Truth about Desmond Ong’. This guy is LYING EVERYWHERE. 

He is a SHAMELESS CON ARTIST who doesn't give a darn about his customers. When you buy his programs, you don’t become his client, you become his VICTIM. 

Let me first share my experience with his Platinum Mastery Program. It’s a 2-day program where Desmond claims to teach you a few things about online marketing and digital entrepreneurship. 

The venue was nice but Desmond himself was terrible. He wasn’t teaching anything during the first day. Instead, he wasted everyone’s time by sharing his personal stories and claimed that he was ‘motivating’ us. He didn’t teach anything that day. We stayed there, listened to his banter, and that’s it. I thought he’d teach us something useful the second day. 

The next day, Desmond said a thing or two about the internet and talked about a few marketers out there. But still, he DIDN’T TEACH US ANYTHING. The concepts he was telling everyone about were too bland and obsolete. You don’t expect to listen to such garbage after you’ve paid several thousand dollars for it. 

I’m 100% certain that he had planted a few people in our group. That’s because some people kept praising him no matter what. It was almost as if Desmond had given them a new life or something. 

The thousands of dollars I had spent on this program were a total waste.

Now, let me share my opinion on his misleading website called ‘Truth about Desmond Ong’. 

When you scam hundreds of people by selling them horrible products at expensive rates, some people will raise their voices. But instead of apologizing to them, he claims that all the negative reviews are lies! Really Desmond? 

If all the negative reviews are fake then what about the positive reviews? Are they fake too? 

He has kept this website as a ‘third-party site’ and it shares numerous positive reviews about him.

Don’t trust this site. After enrolling in one of his programs, I know how much truth is present in his claims. If you don’t flatter him, you’re a liar in his eyes. 

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