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Kimberly Glover
22nd Apr, 2016

Desmond Ong: Want to make money online? SCAM!

Who is Desmond Ong?

Desmond Ong is a young entrepreneur, best selling author who wants to create the entrepreneurial skills in people and would want them to achieve and succeed to create money successfully. He wants to help people to change the way they look at business, assist in expanding their horizons and eventually making them proud of who they are!

Desmond Ong started pursuing his online business during his teenage, but dint know to pursue it further and how he could do it without any monetary support and support from anyone. After a long hiatus, he started doing a lot of internet research. He was able to find an online marketplace that was into buying and selling websites. He started selling his online blogs there and eventually started selling his websites that he created and finally succeeded. The experience of selling websites for a successful period made him discover the great benefits of information marketing. Desmond Ong successfully started selling information guides (eBooks, audios, software) in many niches such as internet marketing, dog training, health & fitness, forex trading, relationships, seduction and many more. Desmond Ong stood out as a millionaire.


As one of Desmond Ong’s former employee, I am sharing some of my worst experiences and insights working for Desmond. Desmond Ong is one of a kind and a super scammer.  I used to work for him and he was one hell of a boss to be frank! He used to call us at midnights to fix and resolve some of the issues or just for shouting at us because of another colleagues’ mistake. As a boss and a superior person, he doesn’t have any respect for people. He’s a terrible boss with mood swings and changes his mind abruptly after every few minutes. He prefers to deal with male counterparts only giving no respect to female employees. He sells this motivational shit like an expert but doesn’t practice on his own. He’s one of a kind motivational speaker who doesn’t know what he is talking about. He’s a very arrogant and selfish boss who just wants his products to sell by any means. He makes money by scamming others into thinking that they can make money online. Hes a bad boss which is not good for morale and conduct. Company product is offered at unreasonable high price . There is no solid product as such nor reasonable after sales support. When customers complain, in a view to solve their problem instead they get one more brainwash session to make them feel like its their own fault. Boss keeps changing his mind all the time and so do the company policy. Boss doesn’t like to listen to the employee and threatens the staff with commission cut or any other funny punishment. He curses a lot and gives a ridiculous timeline for the tasks. Its better if he works alone rather than hiring anyone. He creates stories and is calling himself bestselling author after the book came out for a week. 90% of the book is only talking about his achievement and trying to sell his coaching programs.

$200 in 20 minutes:

Desmond Ong offers a video course named $200 in 20 minutes which teaches one of the methods he uses to create an income from affiliate marketing online. Basically, it teaches you how to set up a landing page, how to drive traffic to that landing page, how to find an offer to promote. $200 in 20 minutes doesn’t cover everything and only covers methods and resources and specific tools one can use to follow a simple strategy. $200 in 20 minutes is nothing new or outrageous or overwhelming. Before you buy, one must know there are some tricky upsells associated with this product.

Upsell1 : To “automate” everything that Desmond lays out in his course. Its called Income Black Box that causes an additional cost of $19.95. Automation is usually not a good idea when it comes in terms of building your business or marketing online.

Upsell 2: “Secret invite-only” product that costs an additional of $29.95. The thing that bothers most about this upsell is the language and method used to try to entice and lure people in buying it. The method used here is very tricky and the language used here is supposed to make one think you’ll be costing yourself money if you don’t spend more right now.

This product is not a total package . It only covers one method that is Desmond’s method. The Final review of the product insights on the fact that it is going to take more than 20 minutes of one’s time and $ 200 is not guaranteed which really concludes saying as the misleading name!

Going through the above personal and product review, I can surely say Desmond Ong is a scammer and just a money maker who fools people over his favorite line , “Want to make money online?” BEWARE OF THIS JERK!

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