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Christian Arnold
22nd Apr, 2016


As per claims about his website about his truth, and other claims, Desmond Ong is a bestselling author. He is also a well-known international speaker and mentor. He coaches hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe. He became a millionaire at a very young age. He is a philanthropist. His mission is to empower others to pursue their life’s purpose.

He wrote the book Against All Odds so that he could show others his journey and how success doesn’t come without a couple of failures.

Well, this is the above things his website claimed and it is shown at top of Google which is an Ad from which he is sharing.

If you just type Desmond Ong in Google, you will come across with the truth which his website explains why he is not a fraud. I mean it is clear from their intentions, that they are trying to hide the real name and work he is doing.

Other than this, what was the need to hide the truth, he could have easily done his work, without caring what he has been judges for. It is that the work he is doing is false and the courses from which he is earning, is not up to the level and are basically false scams, to fool people.

Let us review some of his top selling courses that he claims to be the best way to earn money in a short period if time;

Desmond Ong’s Key to 10k

Desmond Ong promises to hand his customers the golden key to start making over $11,000 within the next couple of days through his Key to 10k training. Furthermore, he says his claims are hype-free.

Four months after publishing this review, one of Desmond Ong’s former employees shared some of his experiences and insight after working for Desmond. You can see his comment below here;


“There are just so many fake testimonials from Fiverr or scammers for these kinds of product. I’m sorry I have to expressing some negativity here. But yea, Desmond Ong is a super-duper thick-face scammer! Why I’m so sure. I used to work for him! He told me his company is doing amazing things like Mindvalley.

I started feeling not right since the first day of working with him. Then I go on for another 9 months because I travel oversea just to work for him (aka I’m stuck to resign). The truth is, Desmond Ong never achieve all those things – he was staying with his parents and driving his dad’s old car (maybe getting richer now since scamming others every single month).

He creates stories, he’s calling himself bestselling author after the book came out for a week. And 90% of the content in the book is talking about his achievement and trying to sell some coaching program.”

Desmond Ong offers his customers a free website, which he claims is worth $497. However, this website can only be yours if you sign up with the Webhosting company he’s affiliated with. He presents you with a free website, which he values at $497, as a bait to get you to subscribe for hosting services that would yield him recurrent commissions.


However, the website, which he says is very valuable is actually worthless.

Google and other search engines, on which you depend for organic traffic, don’t take kindly to duplicate content, which is what the website Desmond Ong offers you is made of. The penalty of the search engines for duplicate content is poor search engine rankings. For these reasons, the website will do you no good as an internet marketer.

Desmond Ong features one of his webinars in the members’ area, which, as I found, was a waste of time. He just went on about his achievements and showed off what a great quality of life he could afford to live because of his internet marketing success. He claimed he did that to inspire his followers.


But, I thought the webinar was meant to throw light on what practical things to do in order to succeed as an internet marketer. Inspiration is a good thing. But Desmond took way too long showing his audience photos of his pleasure trips around the world while he talked about all the fun he had, such that it came across as showing


Well, there seemed no good in showing off his success which can help people in earning money.

Some of Desmond’s tutorial videos were just plain annoying. One of them just suddenly stopped before the video made any sense. I thought it was my internet speed. So, I refreshed to double-check. Unfortunately, the video stopped at exactly the same position as before, and didn’t continue in the next video.

Final speaking, this product is far from capable of netting you $10,000 per month as Desmond claims it is. In fact, you probably won’t make any money with it.

Let us review his second famous product which he claims, to help you earn well;

License My Success Review

Desmond Ong says he’ll hand you a life-changing gift of his most successful affiliate marketing campaigns, through a product he labeled License My Success, and that all you need to do in order to tap into the money-making potentials of these campaigns is to follow four simple steps.


He says the four steps are (1) download his proven campaigns, (2) change the links to your affiliate links, (3) do an upload of the campaigns and (4) start getting your affiliate commissions.

He says he knows all the shiny, Internet Marketing objects that promise you Heaven on Earth, including software, new Internet Marketing courses and all the new ideas and great methodologies that flat-out don’t work, are overwhelming you.

He promises to save you all the trouble of continuously spinning your wheels around such good for nothing Internet marketing resources and take you straight to the success that has eluded you all these fruitless years.

The solution he had for the above stated success is that he tells a story of how he launched a new product, which one of his super affiliates promoted to the extent of making over $2,000 in less than a day. According to him, this affiliate’s success got him curious. So, he put a call across to them to find out what made their campaign tick.


The affiliate, according to him, didn’t let him in on much detail but simply sent him one of the wonder-working campaigns, which took him two weeks to study closely and understand. After that exercise, he created a similar campaign, which took him another two months of trial and error to tweak before he got it right.

He claims his first campaign returned impressive results in less than 24 hours. He allegedly made over a $1,000 in less than a day with 100% free traffic, using the methods he discovered from the campaign of his affiliate.

Speaking of his course, let’s see what exactly he offers.

License My Success is an Internet Marketing training by Desmond Ong, which consists of four videos and a PDF document. It can make some folks money. But whether or not you’re numbered among those who can make money with it is the reason for this review.

These are cookie cutters that’ll constitute duplicate content on the Internet, as you’re, very likely, not the only one buying Desmond Ong’s product and putting it to use on the Internet. Duplicate content incites the nightmarish displeasure of the search engine deities such as Google and the rest of the others.


Google sniffs out duplicate content, in forms of cookie cutters, general templates, spun articles and what other forms you can think of, more easily than a great white smells blood. When Google finds a duplicate web content on your website, which is what Desmond’s campaigns will constitute for you, your website will suffer the penalty of being hidden away in the darkest and most barren parts of cyberspace where no traffic goes.

Consequently, the very essence of putting up your website, which is to make you money, would be lost because without traffic, there’s no possibility of making sales. Without sales, there’s no possibility of making money. Without money, you’re screwed!


The First Video


Let’s dig in and look at them, one at a time. The first video, as I’ve already hinted, is an introduction to the product and a congratulatory message from Desmond Ong to the people he referred to as “action takers.”

The Second Video


The second video is a documentary that tells the story of Desmond Ong’s life. Believe me, none of these videos will do you any good as an internet marketer.

The Third Video


The third video was the beginning of the training course. This video is just about five minutes long and absolutely mind-blowing because all it does is show you how to be used as a tool in the hands of Desmond Ong to promote another one of his products, which is only a waste.

Desmond requires you to drive traffic to his offers and get 100% affiliate commissions on a less than eight-dollar front-end sale (more on that on the fourth video). What he’s doing is piggybacking on your traffic-driving efforts to offer the unfortunate folks you send to his sales page some high-ticket, backend offers to make himself richer. Awesome stuff!

The Fourth Video


The fourth video is a demonstration of how to use a bug-ridden squeeze page, which Desmond had to fix while recording the video, to get unfortunate people’s email addresses and redirect them to Desmond’s offers. This is where Desmond shows you how to earn your 100% sales commissions on a less than eight-dollar, front-end sale, which will fetch him leads to pitch his more expensive backend products.

Sadly, he leaves the hardest part for you to sort out on your own – getting traffic. He doesn’t show you how to get and drive the needed traffic to his offers in order to, at least, make your 100% $7.95 sales commissions.


Finally speaking, If you know the first thing about making money online, then, you know that a couple of crappy, five-minute videos and a two-page PDF can’t even help you scratch the surface. But that’s it with Desmond Ong’s License My Success.

Well this is not the end, Desmond has many such courses, and another one is right now, I am explaining where he loots all your money by selling some crap!

Ong Blogging Syndicate System


Blogging Syndicate is a video-oriented internet marketing training program by Desmond Ong.  The whole idea behind Blogging Syndicate is learning how to build what is known as an authority site using the WordPress platform.  An authority site is one that ranks highly in the search engines due to the shear volume of content, traffic, and built-in internal-linking structure.  Authority sites will often not only consist of products or product reviews but articles about things going on in a particular market, which means that you will get ranked for a massive amount or keywords. 

Blogging Syndicate comes with more than 25 videos.

Blogging Syndicate system:





*Learn how to find a niche market to go into

*Learn which products you should promote (and which to stay away from)

*How to get ong the first page of Google

*How to get free traffic

*How to get paid traffic

*How to make money with contextual advertising

*How to build an e-mail list

*How to make a full-time income with 1,000 subscribers

*How to flip your blog blog for major profits…and more


Well, these are something that you can get normally through any unpaid services, as these are the basics to get into Internet Marketing, and earn money eventually.

Well, the decision is yours, and these false courses and scams, can lead you to anywhere except success. It is better not to believe these false courses and scams, where you can earn money in a good and positive way through your own hard work. All that depends on you is how you take your life further, either by these false scams, or in a positive way.

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