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7th Feb, 2022

Responsible For An Attempted Suicide

Dr. Eileen Bastian is a Woodland Hills Physician who is notorious for destroying the lives of many patients through her negligence and malpractice. Words can’t be enough for the pain and suffering she has caused people to go through.

She runs the Aesthetic Laser Med Spa, which due to its location, succeeds in getting her customers. She doesn’t see a human in the people who come to her for treatment. Instead, she only looks at them as a means for generating profit. Numerous people have faced terrible skin ailments due to her negligent procedures. Many believe she doesn’t even know what to do.

One of her past patients has confessed to considering suicide because of the adversity they had to go through. Dr. Bastian has no idea about medicine and all she cares about is how to attract more customers for getting more cash in her pockets. One customer approached her for minor skin treatment. Instead of providing a straightforward treatment, she tried to sell an over-expensive and unnecessary package to the patient. When the patient refused, she deliberately gave a poor treatment which led to the deterioration of the patient’s skin, bounding them to return to her for more treatments.

There are countless examples of her malpractice. Some customers started leading isolated lifestyles because of the permanent damaged caused by the ignorant and evil practices of Dr. Eileen Bastian.

A Doctor is supposed to have a Heart

Dr. Eileen Bastian fails to fulfill even the basic criteria of being a doctor. A doctor is supposed to treat the ailments of the patients. She does the opposite. She escalates the issue to worsen the condition of the patient. When the patient will get iller, he/she will have to spend more money on the treatment. This criminal philosophy of Dr. Eileen has destroyed the lives of numerous people who were unaware of the same.

Even those who were completely healthy, active and successful are now living in fear and pain because of the reckless and dangerous malpractice of Dr. Eileen Bastian. She not only gives low-quality and negligent treatments but also fails to give basic cosmetic treatments.

One patient complained that she uses knock-offs of the original products. This way she gets to save money on the supplies and earn more for charging for the use of the original. However, copycat products don’t give any benefits to the patients and can lead to side-effects. Dr. Bastian doesn’t care about her patients’ health.

It would be better for you to go somewhere else and get real cosmetic treatment. Or, you can purchase cosmetic products and use them yourself. They will yield much better and more effective results than the wrongdoings of this doctor.

Patients have complained that she doesn’t inform them about the risks of the treatment. Patients don’t get to find out what kind of side-effects they might develop. She is also incompetent and has made countless mistakes. For her, they might be simple mistakes but for her patients, they prove to be devastating.

Her track record shows that she has no idea of dermatology and cosmetics. The little success rate she has can be attributed to her staff, which should also be held responsible for supporting the actions of such a criminal, vicious and greedy doctor. She has damaged the faces of many people for the sake of money. Her actions must be put to a halt.

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