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18th Apr, 2022

BEWARE of this woman

Dr. Lori is very good at self-publicizing, by which I mean she is very good at claiming to be an expert in all fields and not just any expert, the GREATEST. She claims to be one of the foremost experts in: Russian Art (Faberge to be specific, despite having never published anything), Asian art, glass, ceramics, paintings… The list goes on. She cites her diploma and qualifications as the main reason behind this.

In terms of valuations, her service is very poor as she fails to provide any concrete precedent for her appraisals and just seems to pluck some of her figures out of thin air. Those that she airs are usually (I assume for theatrical reasons) exceedingly high and up to 10x what the item is ever likely to sell for. This is important for insurance purposes: if a claim is ever made and an item is exceedingly overvalued, at best it will be ignored and could potentially look exceedingly fishy to some financial investigators. Also, it’s only ever going to disappoint the owners.

Just three examples of poor valuations (all videos visible online):
-Supposed Renoir painting, which she calls a masterpiece and 100% authentic. Only problem, the original (a far nicer painting) has been known about for decades and can be found in the Orangerie museum of Paris. The estate find example is a copy and can be purchased from any number of Chinese websites for 57$.
-“Japanese katana from the 1700s” valued at 2000$ – actually not Japanese (likely Chinese), not a katana, a copy of one likely made in the 1950s in terrible condition. Maybe worth 100$.
– Tobacco jar in the same of a head valued at 700$. Badly damaged. You can buy a pristine one for 75$ any day of the week.

All three of these she could have researched in 10 mins.

Anyone who questions her valuations and/or expertise is, if in public, shouted at and if online, has their comment deleted.

Her prices are extortionate for the services provided. Usually just a “copy-paste” of an article found online with a random price associated. You could do this for free yourself.

She also provides false and misleading information about others in the trade. Example: auctioneers don’t know what they’re talking about, will charge you for appraisals & give you a low estimation. Yes, auctioneers make mistakes but they don’t typically charge for appraisals unless they come to your house and they won’t give you a low valuation for your item to try and con you. They want to sell your item for you and then get the commission, so if anything it’s more in their interests to overvalue your items in the hopes you’ll consign it to them.

In short, she profits from people’s distrust of a system which can certainly be dishonest at times but isn’t as complicated or as “evil” as she makes it out to be. Most of the services she charges up to hundreds of dollars for are available for free elsewhere and her expertise can be exceedingly shaky at times.

I’m astonished that more people don’t complain about her and I can only assume this is because of her truly impressive ability to market herself and delete any criticism (sometimes in mere minutes). I can only assume that there are a lot of people out there who will be sorely disappointed when they finally decide to part with their valuables appraised by Dr. Lori.

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