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9th Feb, 2022

A scam! BEWARE!

You guys please run from this place. Honestly I have never ever written bad reviews if anything I try to see the good in businesses. This one in particular definitely boils my blood. And please don’t even try to reply and say sorry this and that. You guys are just straight up money hungry and really think people are dumb. Straight up should’ve have seen this place was a scam to start off with.
Let’s just start with the simple fact that I’m in the beauty industry myself and I’m great with vetting people out in this industry. I’ve been to multiple consultations even from turkey (consultation via zoom) and all prices to fix my nose is super low ranging from 3,000-4,000 that’s how minor my problem for my nose is
Mind you these are great top doctors too ! But they’re super far for me so I decided to give dr kassir a go since he’s much closer to me.
A non-refundable of $525? Major red flag but I wanted to give it a benefit of a doubt.

Red flag #2 – saying I don’t need much done to my nose and quoting is $25,000

Lol a straight scam.

I wanted to use my $525 deposit towards something right? Fillers total still came out to be $1600 even with the $525 deposit applied and mind you this was for one area?

Anyways guys please run. Take my advice and just don’t go for the hype. I’ve learned my lesson. This office is straight money hungry. Oh and the girls in the office. They’re not all that professional nor legit. Coming from someone that has morals in her aesthetic work. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

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