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9th Feb, 2022

Don't trust this idiot!

I foolishly Trusted this idiot when he told me he had a minor lower eyelid surgery that would resolve occasional dry eye.

The quack operated on my upper eyelids without my consent( during LOWER eyelid surgery) and made my occasional dry eye a chronic unending condition with his screwed up surgery.

Weiss pulled down my upper iids and sewed them over 25 per cent permanently closed with eyelashes poking out through his sloppy seams. I now look like a freak.

He left a hole at the corners with his sloppy stitching that now allows air to constantly enter the idelicate nternal eye tissue chronically irritating my eyes.
I have been to several opthamolgists and 2 plastic surgeons trying to find a qualified doctor to repair the mess Weiss made of my eyes. None of them had. ever seen surgery like the mess Weiss created . A completely unacceptable unorthodox surgery was performed by Weiss who seems to have done some experiemental thing to me without my condent while I was sedated..

He now changed the spelling of his name possibly so potential patients cant see what he has done to previous patients.
The guy is an artogant asshole who calls himself a perfectionistt. He is only perfect at deceiving the public

Also iWeiss or Weise or whatever he is calling himself now , is NOT a board certified plastic surgeon as he claims.

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