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17th Feb, 2022

Richard A Weiss of Newport Beach Ruined my Eyes

When i balked at having an upper blepharoplasty due to the fact that my eyes were occasionally dry, Weiss immediately claimed he had a minor surgery that would “trap tears” and make my eyes “more moist”. It was a complete lie. He just had a warm body sitting in his exam chair he could attemot to get money out of.

I feel he will tell you anything just to get money out of you. Thousands of doillars!

Real qualified doctors I saw after Weiss hacked my face have told me that the surgery Weiss performed was never designed to make my eyes more moist. In fact, it was completely unwarranted and not a surgery for ANY condition i had.

Weiss sewed more than 25% of both my upper and lower eyelids shut, COMPLETELY CLOSED twisting my upper lids so that lashes now grow INTO my eyes and leaving hideous lumpy stitching in his wake.

I look like a freak and his surgery only made my occasioally dry eyes far worse.

His assistant will tell you that no derogatory outcomes ever happen in surgery performed by Weiss. A HUGE LIE! There have been numerous patients maimed by this arrogant asshole.

Weiss may claim he is a Board Certified Plastic Sugeon. HE IS NOT

How I wish I could undo what this jerk did to my eyes.

Now I am in chronic pain, look horrible, and spend every hour now trying to obtain enough moisture in my eyes to reach some unattainable level of comfort.

If you are foolish enough to trust him, like I was, God only knows what will happen to your face.

I found Weiss to be only a good salesman, but a lying incompetent surgeon.

I posted a before and after photos on YELP. See for yourself what he did to my eyes amd fsce.

Oh, as if this wasn;t bad enough, the jerk tells me that he did this to me in my best interests.

If so, it would be in his best interest for me to jab him in the testi cles with a cattle prod.

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