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19th Apr, 2019

An Insurance broker that scammed his clients and escaped abroad

Erez Yaakov Almog Olchik was an insurance broker in Israel dealing with clients pensions.instructing his clients to deposit their money in his one man company accounts telling them that their money will be transfer to their pension fund. Instead of transferring their money to the fund, he took the money to his own pocket - he managed to steal a large sum from his clients.When one of his clients found out about the fraud, he took Mr Almog Olchik to court, the court decided in favor of the client and instructed Mr Almog Olchik to pay the money back.Mr Almog Olchik gave the client cheques and immediately left the country fleeing himself abroad to the UK using his dual nationality Israeli and Polish. The cheques obviously ware empty without any cover from the bank that refused to pay because the money was out of Mr. Almog Olchik this time other clients found out about the fraud and discovered themselves without their pension hard working money.Its not the first time that Mr Almog Olchik had managed to be involved with the law and the courts. He had a problem with faking documents, high debts, bailiff, and mistory death of his ex-wife which was published in all Israeli media.Mr Almog Olchik using few names trying to disguise his identity he could be Jacob Olchik, Yaakov Almog or any other combination.He left Canterbury Kent United Kingdom to Greece working in Teleperformence for two months and left greece to Poland working at HCL for short time he is giving employers an untrue CV with imaginary rolles he made such as GDCC Ltd . and keep on getting in trubles and traveling in Europe.He violated court order and has a restriction to travel out of Israel because of it.This person is a scammer that commited a serious fraud and more.

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Mr Erez Yaakov Almog Olchik now reported to move from poland to the city of Lisbon , Portugal.

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