Name and Shame
Name and Shame


We've created a system of checks and balances to ensure that no one person can use this platform to pursue a personal agenda.

Businesses cannot pay us to remove

All features are FREE

NameandShame provides all the features necessary for publishing a complaint against a company absolutely for free. This not only includes telling your story, but as well add all the accompanying evidence, including images, videos, documents, and links.

No Advocacy Program

Our platform doesn’t have nor supports brand advocacy programs. In other words, it is focused on an objective perception of businesses that seemingly scam their consumers or wrong them in any other way. No one is going to stand between you and the company that neglected you as its customer.

No Paid Arbitration

Paid arbitration is unacceptable in the thing we’re trying to achieve with NameandShame. Every complaint should be individually addressed by the company that wants to restore its reputation by either proving its groundlessness or fixing the issue. Paid arbitration is biased and, thus, not applicable.

Zero Advertisements

NameandShame is a non-profit company – this is why signing up with the platform and using its features is absolutely free. This also concerns advertisements – none of them are present on the site, so you can focus on publishing your complaint and air your grievances.
Playing by the rules

Community Moderation System

NAS is a community of volunteers that want to make the consumer environment safer. Therefore, all of the platform’s moderators and admins are essentially volunteers. They make sure that your complaints follow the guidelines and aren’t spam.

No Unfair SEO Practices

All of the complaints published on the platform are equal – none of them is going to get any kind of extra attention due to using some specific keywords or key phrases. It’s not about promoting your grief, it’s about drawing attention to an issue and, hopefully, have it solved.

Transparency Report for Public

We value transparency, so we are going to publish all the essential reports concerning our platform’s work for public access. You can check the statistics to see what the NAS community has achieved over a given period, how many complaints lead to change, etc.

Setting Clear Accountability

As most businesses around the world don’t seem to care about being accountable to their customers, we want to change this with the NameandShame platform. Your just complaints can change the way companies behave when dealing with the consumer, so make sure that the issue you want to share is valid and urgent.
Fix the problem. not the blame
Businesses are so worried about getting blamed for things that they won’t admit to them.
NameandShame believes that the key to any successful problem resolution lies not in
assigning blame but in fixing the problem.