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31st Jan, 2020

Ewen Chia’s Shortcut to $10k Program isn’t Worth it. He is a Scam!!!

If you take interest in building online businesses or generating passive income, you might’ve heard of Ewen Chia. He is a blogger, author and a major influencer. He sells many products online and I bought one of them thinking that I’ll learn something from it. After taking his Shortcut to $10k Program, I learned that Ewen is selling fake courses through misleading advertisements. The strategies he teaches in the program aren’t any useful. In fact, some of the tools he mentioned there aren’t even active these days. I guess he isn’t up to date with the internet. 

He’s been selling such courses for years. And my experience with his course was pathetic. In the initial videos, he wasn’t even teaching anything. He just spent 2 videos boasting about himself and his past experiences. When I had bought his course, I expected him to teach me something. But I learned nothing.

Like I said, the tools he mentions in his program aren’t even online anymore. They are outdated like his course. It seems like Ewen created the course some years ago and never updated its curriculum at all. When I was buying his Shortcut to $10k Program, I came across multiple pop-ups telling me that I can save money by doing this and that. 

Do you know what he really teaches in the course?

He just speaks all the basic online business stuff you read everywhere. Building online businesses has become so popular these days that you can learn all the fundamentals through several blogs and videos. You don’t need to spend money on Ewen’s course to learn those things. 

I bought his course because it seemed like a great deal to me. He was selling it for $10 and he claims that it costs $100. So I happily paid for it. Halfway through the course, I started receiving numerous ads from Ewen about his other courses and how they can benefit me more and increase my knowledge. It was all very irritating. 

To be honest, his Shortcut to $10k Program shouldn’t even be worth $1. It was so painfully boring and obsolete that I wanted to quit. But I thought I should complete the course because I had paid for it after all. 

Seeing the quality of his course, I don’t think his other programs would be any useful. So I recommend you to avoid Ewen Chia and his programs. They are horrible. 

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