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Christian Arnold
22nd Apr, 2016

Stay Away from Ewen Chia

Ewen Chia is another big name in the market of Internet Marketer. As per claims by him on his website, 269 billion emails are sent out everyday. He claims that email marketing is very much important for Internet marketing, and this helps you to earn money instantly. Let us check the various courses and means that he uses to scam people daily, and which results him in earning money.

Ewen has sold TONS of internet marketing products, how-to guides, and books, so many it’s actually hard to track them all down.

Ewen is peddling so much junk on his site with these animated banners that there should be an epilepsy warning. Ewen created and sells all of the following programs:


Autopilot Profits - $37 (downsell $27)Mega Traffic Package - $67Autopilot Social Profits - $147Instant Websites - $197Ultimate Free Traffic Software - $297Traffic Millionaire - $19.97/monthShortcut to $10K - $9.97Super Affiliate Millionaire Online Workshop training - $297Cash Biz - $29.97Traffic Avalanche - $37Copy Paste Income - $37Complete Business Setup - $297My Top Tier Business (MTTB) - $49 + $19/month + $1997Pure Leverage - $24.95/month + $19.95/month


This is an incomplete list because the task of hunting down everything that Ewen Chia promotes or has promoted in the past is IMPOSSIBLE. One thing is for sure though – nothing comes up when you research Ewen Chia except for get rich quick products that promise to make you a millionaire online with virtually zero effort.

Everything you’ll find in Ewen Chia’s “training” will be at least 3-5 years out-of-date. That may not sound like much, but in internet marketing that’s a VERY big deal.

The search engine climate has changed entirely over the past five years.

Let’s review his courses so that we can check how he scams people;

Autopilot Profits

Ewen Chia, the founder of Autopilot Profits, claimed that you can make $3460.25 within 24 hours simply by plugging into his "Autopilot Income Machine"

Let us check what exactly he is offering in his course;

APP is a course designed to show you how to make thousands of dollars online. Promote products online in any niche you want and you can have the lavish lifestyle Ewen Chia promises, at least according to the sales page.

In the members’ area of Autopilot Profits you’ll find videos on how to get your “online empire” started. Unfortunately this just isn’t going to happen with what Ewen’s provided.


So What Are You Paying $37 For?

You’re paying for 20 videos that are 10 minutes in length each. Actually the longest one is 1o minutes the majority are less than 5 minutes.


Here’s an example:


So with these short little videos, you’re suppose to be able to make thousands of dollars with pretty much no effort? I’m afraid not. All you’ve just paid for is entry into Ewen’s little network of scams.

What I don’t understand is that a part of the “Main Program” you just purchased, Autopilot Profits, is to purchase another course by Ewen which again makes the same promises. He follows the same sales template and tells you that this course is selling at a special low price for a limited time only.

Final Say;

Autopilot Profits is just one of many “products” created by Ewen Chia which he uses to promote all of his other products. This is Ewen’s network, in which he is dragging the innocent customers stating that his products can help them earn money.

They’re all low-quality, outdated scams that won’t get you anywhere in your effort to build an internet business.


All Ewen did was slap 20 very poorly made videos together and call it a course, which he then uses to promote his other products.


Copy Paste Income Review – Yet Another Lie from Ewen Chia!


Copy Paste Income is an extremely hyped-up ClickBank product claiming to help you make thousands of dollars online with minimal effort.


As its name suggests, Ewen claimed that the ONLY skill you need to make money with his program is the ability to "Copy & Paste".


He also claimed that:


Copy Paste Income is the fastest & most profitable way to get an online business started & making thousands of dollars on autopilot

It only takes less than 10 minutes to set up

AND...You should be preparing for a life where you have more money than you know what to do with.

These are just some unrealistic & exaggerated claims to lure you into buying Ewen's product.

If you're clever enough, you'll know that what's being claimed by Ewen is not true. So how exactly does his Copy Paste Income work?


Here's what you need to know...


Copy Paste Income is a program helping you to make money online via the business model called affiliate marketing.

But it is teaching outdated strategies that don't work anymore in today's world.

The reason why Ewen claimed that you only need the skill of "copy & paste" is because his "secret method" is just "giving away free viral ebooks".

Basically, Ewen has ready-made Ebooks with PLR contents for you to give out. (PLR contents are generic and re-purposed contents)

All you need to do is to find affiliate products online and insert your own affiliate links in the Ebooks you give out.

Whenever someone clicks through your affiliate link and purchase something, you earn a commission.


Ewen teaches you to post these Ebooks on sites like Slide Share, Forums and FB Groups.

That's it!

If you have some experience in internet marketing, you'll know that these techniques don't work today.

Even if you're new to this, just think before falling into this scam.

When was the last time you really sit down, took your time and read an Ebook seriously?


Probably that never even happened before, right?


If you're not doing it yourself, why do you think people will read your low quality Ebook and purchase something via your affiliate link within the content?

Not only that, posting low quality content on any social media, groups or Forum without engagements has no benefit to you because it's impossible to yield any results out of that.

Can you start to see why Copy Paste Income is a low quality product that doesn't work?


Well, this makes logic to me and so it should to you, about why to invest in something so less that it cannot be any fruitful to you.


Not only this , this course claims, Fake Testimonials, and unrealistic that cannot be digested today. Also the material used is so outdated that it is of no use in current working.


Turnkey Internet Profits is another such course that is introduced by Ewen, to loot customers their hard earned money. Let’s check out the course below;


He was developing another program for many months now to make everything easy for beginners that want to earn a living online. He claims that his system is so powerful that you will be generating sales in just 24 hours later.

The Turnkey Internet Profits domain was registered almost a year ago. The website is just a sales page and a pdf document with overviews of some niches that you can take advantage and make money online with the model of affiliate marketing. Other than that the website is empty of content.

When I was researching for online opportunities I came across the affiliate marketing model in less than 5 days. How come Ewen spent 5 years without spotting that business model remains a mystery. And then with no sales in his records he created a program to generate millions of dollars. Yeah, I believe that story.

But Ewen has not created anything at all. He is just trying to sell MOBE, because he probably spend a fortune and now he wants to clean up his huge mess.

What is included in the Turnkey Package ?

 Hosting, domain name, a professional autoresponder

Email list building by Ewen for us, who also writes the email content for us

Products research

You sit back and enjoy your margarita

 Well, these things can be easily accessed and used by any consumer, without much investment.

Let us be away from these false promising online courses and the amount of money they are charging, for almost no services.

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