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17th Feb, 2022

Fraudulent, Elaborate Scam

We are an export company which offers covid test kits. We initially joined eWorldTrade with a free account. However, soon afterwards, a sales person contacted to us to sell us a membership. After we repeatedly assured him that we were obtaining the proposed services elsewhere, the sales person made additional promises and offers. Particularly, he promised that they can provide us with “guaranteed buyers”. The sales person was so expert that they could consistently provide purchasers, that our membership contract included a clause which guaranteed a full refund if a certain number of buyers were not delivered after 3 months.

Now that more than 6 month period has expired, eWorldTrade has provided exactly zero buyers and the poorest service and engagement we have ever received. Further to this, they refuse to live up to the assurance made in their contract.

Despite the promises made, these have all proven to be fraudulent misrepresentations. Their B2B website, with supposed “buying leads”, seems to be a collection of fake buyer requests. Most of these:

1) have no contact details
2) are duplicate postings
3) never ever reply
4) are attributed to once-off “free” members, with no footprint outside of the eWorldTrade site
5) are poorly formatted, poorly detailed and seem to have been scraped by bots from other sites

Given what we’ve witnessed and experienced during our 6 months with eWorldTrade, it would certainly not surprise us to learn that even the positive reviews are a result of eWorldTrade’s fraud. In fact, the reviews of virtually every positive review we’ve encountered indicates that these overly enthusiastic, almost uniformly structured reviews with poor grammar are intentionally misleading and the product of the scam which is eWorldTrade. One thing they have demonstrated is that they are adept at manipulating reviews and internet traffic so as to create the false impression of numerous, independent and satisfied users.
eWorldTrade is Fraudulent and Elaborate Scam

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