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8th Jan, 2022

Don't trust Falcon FX's review on trustpilot

Trustpilot review is completely biased. All of the bad reviews about Falcon has been flagged and deleted to allow Falcon maintain its integrity. This is because Falcon is paying TrustPilot $149 per month as a business and we the reviewer are not. Here’s some reality about Falcon.

Firstly, the problem with Falcon Fx is the lack of transparency regardless of their aggressive marketing. If they expect you to pay £97 (US$ 133) per month, Falcon’s owner and his trading coaches should at least be able to prove their trading history. Falcon’s owner and his coaches cannot be transparent about their trading history because Falcon’s owner is not a trader but simply a market analyst who doesn’t profit from the markets as he claims to, but make big bucks solely out of his student’s pocket. Please see the attached screenshot which shows what he does when asked proof about his trading.

Well, of course, there is no reason for him to trade. After all, at least 700 subscribers are paying US$133 to Falcon every month. You can do the math to find out what big buck and I talking about, and that’s excluding the revenue gained from all the hidden subscription fees inside their subscription.

Then there are those unsurprisingly annoying hidden fees. Before joining, they often miss out on mentioning to their students that they have to pay even more after. You have to pay for an additional monthly membership to access any more content besides their introductory course. The Rewired Programme they mention about to fix your mental barrier, you have to buy it for shedloads of money (It’s not included with the monthly subscription at all). And, where do they bury the information about to feed you – obviously the fine print that nobody bothers to read.

Falcon Fx is what I would like to refer as FAKE Gurus working alongside the “Borderline of SCAM”.

Watch these videos for more clarity.
2. Why I Left My Old Community – By Hannah Forex

Want more of the truth? Please read on. Upon joining the Falcon I had already paid USD133. With this amount of price you pay monthly, you expect to pay nothing more and everything to be included. But then they have hidden fees for everything else.

-> Want to watch live webinars from Falcon fx coaches? Pay an additional US$65 per month

-> Interested in training your trading psychology and controlling your emotion? Good! Cause you know what, with the Falcon Rewired program you only have to pay an extra US$1,375 to access this course.

-> Of course, you might also want to learn from one of their coaches right and discuss your strategy? No problem sir, Book an hour session with Falcon’s best coaches for US$275. Yes Sir, your read that right, this price is just for a 1-hour session.

There are cheaper and way better mentorship options available. Don’t waste your money and time on one of these fake gurus. If they were profitable traders themselves, they wouldn’t have to rip their monthly paycheck off their students.

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10th Jan, 2022
10th Jan, 2022

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