We’re a platform that gives you a platform to demand justice against companies that scam, lie, mistreat, steal, and cheat. To explain this, imagine you are witness to an incident which might or might not have affected you directly, but shook your conscience. Imagine you see irregularity in a big company and you are helpless to stop it. You feel frustrated to see the bad guys get away with it, each and every day. So what can you do? Well, there are the legal channels available, and we strongly suggest you use them. At the same time, you need someone to tell this to. Some place where you can conveniently 'tell the story' and 'name and shame' the bad guys. Let the story get out. Let people know what happened, how it happened and who is responsible. This, is the first step.
Big companies are quick to ignore anyone who isn’t powerful or wealthy. Most people don’t have that kind of clout and never get recourse – but en masse, they become a force to be reckoned with. NameandShame is a platform for you to tell and share stories of injustices. Simple. We're here to stop instances of abuse, not perpetuate them, and we created a platform that operates by that principle. We will do everything in our technical capacity to continue to refine our model to ensure it remains a place where you can air grievances and demand justice.
Neither, actually. NameandShame is a platform for publishing and sharing 'Incident Reports'. An experience you may want to share to alert the next potential victim of that crime/scam/bad service.....
Oh Absolutely. Your information is fully encrypted and protected in a secure datacenter, right besides Wikileaks. We are not only secured by military-grade hardware, but also legally with powerful privacy laws and experienced legal advisers protecting your identity from prying eyes.
Name and Shame is committed to try and do it's best to minimize abuse on its platform, which is why we have a system of moderators and admins to enforce our spam and abuse policies. We'll be checking for machineID, plagiarism, spam, and general abuse. The moderators are the first people to see your report. If everything looks kosher, it will be promptly published after any 2 (out of dozens) of NAS moderators have approved it. The entire process takes less than an hour. The moderators cannot see any of your personal information, nor they can edit any part of the report. If the report is published, it will be published in full and without a single edit. Moderators and admins are ONLY checking the technical aspects of the report. They weren't there when the incident occurred, and so they can't say whether your statement is true or false. Their only job is to check for suspicious activity and technical parameters that indicate attempts to abuse the site. If your report is not approved, it is not because we don't believe you - it's because something about your report set off one of our warning signs of abuse. If we've flagged your report, our moderator WILL contact you and try to figure out what went wrong and what needs to be changed/done to publish the report.
NAS was founded by four people who met online in a political forum. Our names aren't important, and our personal woes won't be featured on this site. We won't be using this platform to elevate ourselves or wield influence on the companies who treat people poorly. Instead, we chose to create a people's platform. We created the site, the layout, and the method of checks and balances - but by launching this website, we hereby bequeath it to all of you.
No. Unfortunately not. Please note that once you publish a report on NAS, it becomes part of the public conversation. Our policy is that we will not remove a user’s content unless presented with a court order with precise identification of the infringing content.
Moderators cannot edit any part of the report. The report, if published, is done so in its full original state. Moderators and Admins check only the technical aspect of the report. They do not attempt to determine whether the report is true or false, as it is a subjective matter. Frankly, we do not have the resources nor the time to screen a report for its truthfulness. All we can do, is check for common technical parameters and suspicious activity to weed out most attempts of abuse, including Spam.
Basically, you're asking out policy on executing a subpoena request to disclose the identity of our member. Before we proceed, you must be aware of the Mobilisa Standards which clearly states that for an anonymous Internet speaker's identity to be divulged 1- the requesting party must have made reasonable efforts to notify the anonymous speaker of the discovery request and that person is afforded a reasonable time to respond, and 2- the requesting party has demonstrated its cause of action would survive a motion for summary judgment
Simply navigate to https://www.nameandshame.com/edit_account and you'll see the necessary options.
Since we do not allow anyone to edit/delete content posted in the past, we provide an option where you can post addendum to the existing Incident Report in order to add, or to clarify certain facts and updates on your report. On the IR (Incident Report), look out for the button which says 'Addendum', and you should be fine.
With round-the-clock moderation by our volunteers, it is highly unlikely that any personal information (such as SSN, Creditcard number, Banking Details etc) gets published on NAS. If you see any such private information which violates our 'Terms of Services', kindly get in touch with us immediately
No. NameandShame is not meant to be an alternative for legal channels. It is a platform to report and share an incident on the internet.
Simply check 'rebuttal' while posting a comment, and it'll get posted as a rebuttal. We encourage users to post their side of the story. There are more features and options that are unlocked once you post a rebuttal.
Comments posted on this site originate with third party users, not with the owner or operators of the site. Each author is solely responsible for his/her own comments and content. We are not fact-checkers or arbitrators. We simply do not have the resources to check and verify every story/incident/report and claims posted by the members. The most we ever do is check technical factors to prevent spam, errors and intentional abuse of our platform.
We are not competent authority, or experts to undermine these PR agencies, law-firms and reputation firms. For all we know, they might have a magic wand to make your troubles disappear. Before we explain any further, please Google 'Streisand effect', and then read below - "For the sake of clarity, and you can take this to the bank - we DO NOT entertain any such services asking or offering or threatening us to remove anything from NameandShame. We will not even remove a single alphabet. If someone tells you that they are 'friends' with us and can make this happen, they're fooling you. Since we openly publish such lame attempts to intimidate us in our transparency section, be very smart in your decision. If the content posted on NameandShame.com is false, you will not have problems getting a court order against it. We comply with court orders to the extend provided in our Terms of Services. If the content is true, it remains posted, come what may !
Sounds like a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP.) Twenty-eight states, have passed strict anti-SLAPP laws, authorizing expedited motions to dismiss and giving rise to counterclaims seeking attorneys’ fees and liquidated damages. If you want to drag us into court, bring your checkbook with you, because you’ll be paying our attorneys to defend us.
Ofcourse it will be…. and on more than one occasion as well. We would be lying if assume otherwise. Every system can and will be misused. Including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail. Every institution in society is prone to abuse. It does not mean that it is not useful or powerful to deliver good results. With proper checks-and-balances and the right intention and common sense, abuse can be significantly reduced, although never completely avoided. Even though we hope to have credible reports posted on NAS, we understand that there will be more than one occasion where this platform will be used for slander and lies. That's why we have included a series of checks and balance, and multiple options for the aggrieved party for damage mitigation.
Truth is your best ally, and a strong defense to defamation. If what you have posted is true, you have nothing to fear. If a business tries to intimidate you to cripple your freedom of speech, please get in touch with us immediately. We will try to patch you through to our friends who would be in a better position to assist you in your fight. We will always be on your side.
NAS will never ever, under any circumstances, take down a URL. There will never be a 'page not found' error on this website. Incident Reports can be taken down in only 2 instances - court order & DMCA. In both the cases, we will only hide the infringing content and place a transparency report for reference. So, you will never find any webpage or report missing from our database.
To manage NAS, we would need all the help and cooperation we can get. If you are absolutely certain that you are willing to invest your energy and time to moderate NAS, you're more than welcome to submit an inquiry at https://www.nameandshame.com/get-in-touch. Depending on your profile and mod position opening, we'll get in touch with you.
Featured reports are voted to by our volunteer moderators. The top 5-7 reports are set to featured by our automated system for at least a week. No single individual, including the admin, can specify and decide the list of featured reports for homepage. The most important factor that will impress the moderator to set your report as featured, is quality. The better, the more detailed, and most backed up (evidence) reports get featured.
Yes, we need all the help we can get. From volunteer moderators, to webmasters and bloggers, or social media experts and celebs, journalists, lawyers, free-speech activists, influential citizens, and basically anybody with a computer and an internet connection can be a part of this movement. It is a COMMUNITY-CREATED and MANAGED platform. Sooner than later, it'll become self-sufficient. You, as a member, will have a stake in its future and ownership. Every bit of help, support and critique will help improve this system. Please get-in-touch with us with your thoughts and inquiries.
Because it is irrelevant information. At NAS, we are discussing and analyzing an incident, and focusing on the perpetrators of that incident. and not the reporter. This is no platform for self-glorification.