Name and Shame
Name and Shame


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So what is NameandShame and what's the need for it to exist?

We’re a platform that gives you a platform to demand justice against companies that scam, lie, mistreat, steal, and cheat. To explain this, imagine you are witness to an incident which might or might not have affected you directly, but shook your conscience. Imagine you see irregularity in a big company and you are helpless to stop it. You feel frustrated to see the bad guys get away with it, each and every day. So what can you do? Well, there are the legal channels available, and we strongly suggest you use them. At the same time, you need someone to tell this to. Some place where you can conveniently 'tell the story' and 'name and shame' the bad guys. Let the story get out. Let people know what happened, how it happened and who is responsible. This, is the first step.