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26th Jan, 2020

Fast Trak Inc. is a Total Scam! Beware!!

Don’t join Fast Trak. Those people lie in their advertisements about the job titles. The scams you read about in the papers where a door-to-door salesman takes your money for a product but never delivers it, or tries to recruit you in a pyramid scheme, they are true. And Fast Trak is one of them.

They’ve been scamming people for years. To avoid getting caught they keep changing their companies’ names. Fast Trak is one of the most notorious companies in the area but their deceptive marketing and lucrative scheme are still making them. I can’t stress this enough. More and more people need to know about their fake jobs and how they lure you into their pyramid schemes.

I had joined there a few months ago, thinking they are a legit organization. I was wrong for sure. I had applied for a ‘sales manager’ position. They were offering an attractive pay and that’s why I thought it would be a great place to start. Turns out I was wrong. These guys weren’t offering me a job as a sales manager. They just made me a door-to-door salesperson. I was supposed to sell their malicious schemes to other people by knocking on their doors. The numbers they had shown me earlier about my pay were just ‘estimates’ based on the commissions I can make. Those weren’t real salary numbers. I came to find that out when I received my check. I was disappointed with my pay so I asked my superior, who told me that I can make more money by recruiting more ‘sales people’. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was. That’s when I also realized that I wasn’t a part of a legit organization.

These people are so adamant and stubborn that they shun any truthful reviews about themselves by saying ‘We have no records of you as a customer or an employee’. How can you check a person’s records if the review is anonymous? If they can dismiss an anonymous review this way, I wonder how they’d react if they find out a person’s true details. You can look up ‘Fast Trak scam’ and or ‘Fast Trak complaint’ and you’ll come across tons of reviews left by people who have seen its reality. 

Stay away from Fast Trak and their offers. They lie about everything and try to make you a part of a pyramid scheme which is illegal. They have been caught multiple times but they always change their name and start doing the same illegal activities. 

Avoid Fast Trak and if you find someone else who could fall prey to their schemes, alert them too.