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Name and Shame



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17th May, 2022

Scammer! Criminal!

Fox Hall is a con artist, scammer, and is not a real or professional photographer. His name may not even be Fox Hall. This man is located in Los Angeles CA, and what he does is make friends with beautiful females who he believes is easy targets. He tells them that he wants to help them and get them work with all sorts of known companies as models, and he will take your pictures for a fee. | The fee is always high but he reassures the price with statements like ”the pictures have to be amazing”, and ”we will provide a make up artist, hair stylist and wardrobe stylist” This lures females that are maybe just starting out in the modeling industry to him thinking he is legit. | His website is another tool that he uses to assure the legitimacy of his work, he may even spend a lot of time with the client months before the shoot, so when the shoot comes around, everything feels comfortable about it. I The day of the shoot there is no wardrobe stylist and the hair and makeup artist is one person whom is a student and just getting started in the business. Pictures are taken and you go about your business. | Several months and years later, you will never get your pictures.BEWARE OF HIM.

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23rd May, 2022

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