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31st Jan, 2020

I subscribed to Genesis Investing. Not Recommended.

Genesis Investing a popular educational platform, which claims to teach others about Angel Investing. They have multiple membership programs available on their site which range from Silver to Platinum Level. 

I had bought the subscription for their services a few months back only to find out what a big scam it is. 

Whenever you see something that says, “We are sharing a Wall Street secret” or something like “How this guy turned a XXX thousand dollars into millions” know that there is a 95% chance, it’s a scam. I used to think this way too but I was so convinced by the website of Genesis Investing, that I finally gave in and gave it a try. 

Their website is full of testimonials and stories about how this so-called system has made people rich in the past. These shameless people don't care about the depth of their lies.

When I subscribed to Genesis Investing, I thought the curriculum would give me in-depth knowledge and help me find new areas to look into for angel investing. But it wasn’t like that at all.

The course didn’t offer me any good information. The curriculum is misleading and it’s mostly about the history of angel investing and how it can benefit you. Most of the videos don’t even touch any practical concepts. They just keep talking about dreams and different finance jargon, which isn’t even relevant to the topic. 

The videos are long and tiring. They have kept the product so disturbingly low-quality that you’d wish to quit every once in a while. But because you’re paying them hundreds of dollars, you’d watch the entire thing, only to realize that you’ve wasted your time watching crap.

I hated the entire experience I had with Genesis Investing. This system doesn’t work and it’s nothing ‘secret’. It’s just a bunch of repackaged garbage sold to people who want to find a way to earn more. The web page and the testimonials are misleading.

The stories of various people seem fake because they are. You don’t have to be some detective to figure out if it’s a scam or not. I lost the money I had spent on this program and I don’t wish others have to go through the same. 

Whether you find Genesis Investing or Crowdability (another site which sells the same product), just ignore them and move on. Also, the refund they promise on their website, doesn’t work.

All the money you spend here will go to waste. 

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