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30th May, 2019

Commiting fraud in Ireland

Ger Tanner from Ardcroney Co Tipperary

I would like you to get a good look at this person, look into his eyes and see only a person who would only like to steal everything you have and then move onto the next person and then steal from that person as well.

The last known details from Ger Tanner are as follows:

Ger Tanner


Ardcroney Co Tipperary Ireland

Email: [email protected] 

Phone Number: 0831242431

This poor excuse of a person conned me out of 9000 money along time ago, the worst thing is that this person knew I was going to give it to my father as a retirement present but this person didn't care and took the money anyway.

I was to be presented with the money back but this poor excuse of a person waited until the day before we were to meet to tell me that it was all a scam and I was to receive nothing.

I had begged for my money back but this thing of a person refused and never returned my calls ever. I called to his home but nothing, I even called to his partner and nothing.

I then tried to chase him through the courts for years and all this coward did was not show up or even acknowledge when the courts rulled in my favour.

I could involve the Gardai for fraud but what good could this do? He would be sent to jail and then his family would have nothing, this coward knows this and will play it to his favoud if and when this ever becomes a criminal matter. The difference is that even after he conned me out of 9000 he tried to do the same again a few weeks later and I have proof of this so he would serve time in jail because he knowingly tried to commit fraud again.

It seems that I care more about this persons family than he does himself, if he cared about them at all he would own up to his mistakes and make the payment back but he is too much of a coward to do so.

I wish I could tell you more about everything this poor excuse of a person has done to me and my 74 year old father but I simply would break down.


Thank you for reading my story, i only ask that if you ever give money to people make sure you cover yourself because you might find yourself in my situation where I am damned if I file a criminal charge agaist him and damned if I don't because I know he will bury his cowards head in the ground and ignore everything just like he did with the courts and with any social media which he seemed to dissapear from.

Please remember this coward, his name is Ger Tanner and his address is Ardcroney, Co Tipperary Ireland.

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