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31st Jan, 2020

Goldline LLC is a total ripoff!

Don't trust this company. They are scammers who sell you low quality coins and charge you weigh more than their cost. They claim that they are selling you gold at cost but they are actually ripping you off. 

I made a big mistake by trusting these guys. I had seen one of their ads online while I was looking for sum investment opportunities. I had never heard of these guys before so I was a little sceptical at first, but then I checked some of the reviews online and they all said great things about this company. So I thought “why not, let's give these guys a try.” Plus, the offer was very attractive at the time. The coins I bought from this place cost me $2500. 

I hadn't bought the coins all at the same time I bought them gradually. I was unaware that these guys sell low grade coins at high prices. 

I found out the reality banaen wanted to sell these coins. I went to a pawn shop and there I found out that the coins were not even worth $1000 in total. I went to other experts including another pawn shop and a jewellery store to find out the truth. But unfortunately the total value of those coins was around $960 which is way less than the sum I had paid for them. 

Goldline LLC is totally a sham company. They are selling cheap coins and are charging you way more than they should. That line about their quality and their product. I contacted these guys later on to discuss this issue because I was really mad at them. They just told me that prices of gold fluctuate and it is not their responsibility. I didn’t know what to do. These people cost me $1500 and ripped me off.

If you see any one of the ads your claims just ignore them. You would not want to lose money to these fraudsters. They are a bunch of money hungry comebacks don't care about their customers. Their website, their positive reviews, their advertisements, they all are filled with lies. They are an unethical organisation who is lying about everything to others. 

They are falsely advertising their services. Goldline is clearly a scam and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. 

If you want to invest in gold, look somewhere else. But don’t trust these guys. Most of the positive reviews you read about them are fake. 

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