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Name and Shame



This complaint was posted on NAS on 16th Mar, 2022 and is a permanent record located here: .

NameandShame Author
16th Mar, 2022

Beware Cannabis Website Owners

I was contacted by Mel Davis in 2020 and after 6 months of nothing other than bad keywords no one had ever heard of I removed Yaseen's / Zoek as a contributor, the next day I was hacked repeatedly until hackers gained control of email, laptop, phone and website, after regaining control of site using another P.C, email and phone I was hacked again then my verification tag was unremovable and unreplaceable until WIX software was stolen and modified requesting permissions to connect to google (connect to google wix seo tools software changed) allowing Zoek who is and had been impersonating Wix employees when support was requested by email, this abuse is still happening, everyone using Zoek should be very aware that if your baseness or website is not being found on google? and you had this team working on your site or you feel your site is compromised? hire a professional to take a look at your site and seo settings without using your personal email or phone they also control and all social media is controlled by this team or other you will find in evidence, I have filed BBB reports on this company and my google account was controlled, if signed into my google account my complaint had 243 views but when signed in as another google account the complaint could not be found. this team is believed to be ran by a federal agency!

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