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17th Feb, 2022

Buyers Beware!!

Buyer beware!!!

Salesman for the Shed Gal sales franchise in Snohomish County, WA misled us from the beginning about delivery times due to the pandemic, as well as factory coordination with us, and the delivery process. When we placed our order for 3-14’X28′ portable garages, we told him we were not certain about the location of one of the doors and a window in each of them, and could we come back with that information. He said if we come back within a few days he would make the necessary adjustments to the order, we returned a few days later and he happily modified our purchase agreement and made new copies for us. I asked him about price adjustments for the added door and window in each building, and he said no problem, these are small enough that we can collect the difference when the buildings are delivered. I asked him about transmitting the changes to the factory, as it seemed odd that he simply penciled in the changes on our existing order page. He answered no problem, I’ve already transmitted the new copies, and have received acknowledgement of receipt. I asked him how we could confirm with the factory that the buildings would be built as we need them. He answered again, no problem, the factory will call you soon to go over the orders. I asked when the buildings would be delivered, he answered that due to the pandemic it will be 8-10 weeks. Five to six months later, not having heard from the factory except to set the delivery dates, though we had tried to establish contact with the factory many times, the buildings began to arrive without the added window and door, and with other openings in the wrong place.

When we first purchased the buildings we told the salesman of our desire to place the buildings directly abutting each other end-to-end, inches apart. He answered, no problem, the delivery crew will put the building exactly where you want them, leveled and blocked, and that all we needed to do is have the foundation concrete blocks on site for them to use. I bought 280 of them.

When the factory at last did contact us in January, we set the delivery dates for the first to arrive on February 26th, and the remaining two on March 5th, 2021 (We placed the order on September 16th, 2020). So they came with the 1st building on the 26th. Speaking with the young man pretending to deliver, position, level, and fully block the building with twenty block stacks and leveling shims, something it became quickly apparent he would not be capable of, in idle chatter I told him we were advised the buildings would arrive in 8-10 weeks due to the pandemic; and he said they knew better than that, and that they were already months behind on deliveries when we placed the order. Our angst over this whole deal was rising rapidly, and rose even higher the next day as the factory told me that the 3rd building would not be coming on March 5th as they did not have the roll-up garage doors for it. But we had accepted the first building with the understanding that all three would be there by March 5th. Bad business.

So I asked when we could expect the 3rd building, and they offered no date. When the 2nd building arrived on March 5th, there again was the one boy making the delivery, and again ill-equipped and incapable of positioning and leveling the building, and certainly not capable of positioning 150 or more concrete blocks in 20 stacks up under the building and then leveling it in an eight hour day. This 2nd building took nearly 2 hours to get it into position, and then he said, by the way we begin charging for delivery and set-up for any time over 2 hours. Now I am angry, and I let him know it, that this was the first time I heard of such a thing, and that if they do charge me extra, all heaven and hell will hear of it; but my anger was not toward him, I never raised my voice; and I made no threats toward anyone; yet, in his boyish way he was frightened, and reported that I was threatening violence, that I was refusing to sign the delivery ticket, and refusing to make payment upon delivery. He never presented me with a delivery ticket, nor did he ask for payment. Yet his false witness set the tone for what was to happen next.

Because the doors in the ends of the first two buildings did not line up as specified in our order, and because they had not installed the doors in the sides of the two buildings I could no longer place the buildings tightly end-to-end for out-of-the-weather passage between them, so I had to set them six feet apart and will now have to build a covered deck between them.

I contacted the factory after the 1st building was delivered, to see if I could procure the windows and doors separately to install them myself. They offered to take the buildings back, but said that it would be another seven months to get new buildings constructed correctly. I am 75 years old, and these buildings were ordered that I might pursue some hobby interests in my last years. But this does not matter to a troop of profiteering liars. The factory lady said she thought she could do that and that she would get prices and get back to me. One thing consistent throughout this whole ordeal was that if someone said they would get back to us, it was not going to happen, and never did happen. I also asked for the brand and model of roof shingles, which I eventually got; and for the paint manufacturer, paint grade, paint base, and paint colors. This required several requests, but I finally got the information. But nothing on the doors and windows.

I had been complaining over all the mistreatment we had experienced, and their total lack of commitment to anything other than making bank deposits and establishing legal landmarks to protect themselves, when the Shed Gal herself emailed me and said she was canceling our orders, and that someone would be coming to recover the two building already delivered. Seven months of hell and thousands of peripheral dollars spent to make it happen, and to end like this?

I told her she would not be taking the two buildings already delivered; she answered she was bringing the county sheriff with her to get them, so I had better not be violent. I said, good luck with that; all you can expect to get is a a check as final payment for the first two buildings. She folded on that demand, and I had someone take her a check the next morning–the same someone always present when the buildings were being delivered, who thought I had handled myself respectfully and responsibly when speaking with the delivery boy.

We have been back and forth with Graceland’s Kentucky office for a couple of months now, and was at one point thinking they would change their minds, and they did, saying they’d have to rewrite the order for the 3rd building, as it was still sitting in their Sedro Wooley, WA yard. They sent us the new purchase order for $4000 more than the original price, and Graceland would not budge. No deal! I will build my own 3rd building. And heaven and hell will hear of it all.

The root of this problem is the Shed Gal sales franchise, now expanding into Arizona from here. But Graceland Properties begets it all. They are a small legal office, located on a remote highway in Kentucky, who will follow the jot and tittle of the law before they exercise grace. You are not allowed to complain to them or about them. Because they’re special.

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