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Stephanie Ogden
22nd Apr, 2016

Be as addictive as Grant- Good or Bad!?

If you want encouragement in your life, get inspired from the druggist, seriously!! Introducing you to Grant Cardone, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, real estate advisor and a best-selling author. In one of his books, Be Obsessed or be average, Grant did a stellar job by summarizing his childhood, upbringing and his early life in general. At a very tender age, Grant lost his father and suddenly the carefree living lifestyle and enjoying summers with family came to a full stop. So, from very young age, Grant was raised by his mother who constantly lived in fear after his father’s death. Without a father figure at home, Grant was introduced to authority and drugs. His dreams of success, fame and fortune were shattered and he was found under the spell of all types of drugs like smoking weed, doing coke and kept getting worse. His drug use progressed badly keeping him skinny, severely underweight, his complexion had turned gray and was using drugs every day. After a while at the age of 20 years , he lost his twin brother that gave him a setback and sent him into greater depression. Grant was an addictive personality, a faulty human and should focus only on not using drugs and part ways with his ideas of success as told by his counsellors and this statement gave birth to a multi-millionaire man, Grant Cardone, really!? How, lets see in detail about the scammer!

I am one of the victims who bought his course by paying tens of thousands of dollars and in return got nothing. This was my most awful experience of my life. When my company was already going through lot of troubles and sales problem, this investment made the situation fall apart. The website showcased so much and with reference from my friend, I was excited to join the course at the earliest. I also checked the price which was too high for an individual course for a year’s subscription and at first I was taken aback after listening the subscription cost but gave it a nod only after my friend suggested that the result would compensate. I paid a lot of dollars for the subscription of 5 months and was not allowed to share it with others as I had duly signed their terms and conditions. It was a huge amount and now I feel I could have used it for something worthful, my business would have shot up literally. After the payment was done, the course was available online. After reading through pages, I found that the content was useless and the same which easily appeared on google. Devastated with my subscription plan and investing for 5 months, I found the entire plan full of shit and crap and unable to learn or grasp anything. I even ended up asking my friend what made you feel the course was apt for any business to run successfully and his answer stunned me. Just by going through internet and website. It was a big mistake on my part to blindfoldedly agree to my friends suggestion and invest my money and time for this shit. Also, the course was literally a scam to have communicated with Grant for any clarifications. Grant was full of shit, an aggressive and annoying individual. He was an absolute jerk and a complete bad mouthed person. He is a con artist and a scammer and it makes me even angrier to have enrolled his programme which made things worse for me. He is one of the scammers and it is proved that the only way he can earn money is through scamming people. 


Not just this, the employees at Grant Cardone ‘s University are no different from their master by being rude and abusive. The employees don’t hesitate to use the cuss words with their customers. They lack professionalism and basic manners.  The customer support executive are working under the shit marketer on the planet. They do not have any customer service skills and keep talking F*cking and shit words on the call. There is a lot of inner politics in the workplace and it is extremely distracting.

Avoid this guy

Grant Cardone has his own Wikipedia page which states that he’s the biggest marketer on the planet and knows how to build a brand for himself. I would firmly state that he’s built his huge empire by his cunning and intelligent nature which has scammed innumerable people like me and still keeps doing. He is running a huge scam. Grant Cardone is a high pressure drug addict who earns money by deceiving people . He had claimed that he uses TRT and steroids and I feel really angry that I was one of them to have conned and fooled for listening him and following him blindly. His fake persona on the internet is really dangerous to juveniles and millennials. Grant Cardone is a selfish guy and if anyone tries to tell the truth about him or his company, he attacks them with his full potential.


All his books are just of life coaching and if you want motivational content please go ahead and buy his books. Content wise , his books are not meant for technically qualified people. Both of his books, 10X and Be Obsessed or be average promote the readers to do an unhealthy amount of work with no planning. Grant’s brand relies on the statement, “hard work means success” and this is what he has made a propaganda of his other products. It is just a sales loop that he wants to entrap you and if you have a couple of thousand dollars to waste then go ahead and buy his products.

There are numerous bad experiences of me and my friend who have taught us that Grant Cardone is a con artist and a high level thief and better to stay wary of any of his companies and products.

If you want to fall into the net, go ahead and try him!!

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