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5th Feb, 2020

Theft of services and products

For a year prior to meeting this person he tried to get me to agree to sell him my product (hearing aids) by saying that his choice of dealing with payment is to use internet currency like coinbit.  I did not follow through and a year later he lured me into his home and told me that his preferred method of payment was through his company which is equitrade international.  When I realized that this was the same person chasing me with coinbit claims, I had already completed the adjustments to the hearing aids he had on.  And of course that is when he told me that he would set me up with a credit in his Equitrade company.  

Harold Rice, i think realized that I figured out who he was and offered certificates to a restaurant called m Chammas which of course he never delivered on.  In fact after chasing this fat mother fucker for a  while, the only thing he has delivered on is coupons in which if I am buying a $50 sandwich, I get $10 off.  Thanks Harold, you are a  fucking gem.  

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5th Feb, 2020

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