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31st Jan, 2020

High Class Mortgage Doesn’t Know How to Behave

Never hire High Class Mortgage. They are a bunch of crooks who are willing to stoop to the lowest level possible just for the sake of a few extra bucks. My wife and I were looking for new property to buy in Colorado. That's when we came across this company. We need it an advisor could help us expedite the process we didn't know these people will try to steal from us. Initially our experience was good; the rep was talking nicely and then helped us in finding a deal as well. But they charge a very high fee.

When I discussed the fee with the rap she told me that it was fine and the payments can be adjusted according to our needs. It was surprising to find such a great company full stop but it was all the deception because they did not ask us about the payment again full stop instead we received received for their services a week later out of nowhere they haven't even worked on our mortgage at that time. When I asked the rep about this issue she told me that it was the fee for their services. I asked her "Which services?" and she had no answer except the services just provided to you. They are a mortgage broker who charges you an advance just for talking with them. 

I told her that I am not paying this because it's nonsense. I won't pay for a service I haven't even used. They hadn't given us a mortgage, they hadn't done anything. She told me that she is only a customer rep and I should have known better before I hired an expensive service provider like them. Her tone was very rude as well. The company which was acting all nice and friendly at first suddenly turned into a foul-mouthed grunt.

Why would I pay an advance to a company that I had talked to a week only?

I told her no, but she didn’t listen. The next day we started getting calls from their loan officers who were demanding that payment. When I realized things were getting out of hand, I paid the amount. I knew I couldn’t do anything about it. I ended up losing that payment because after I had paid for those ‘consultations’, they denied offering me any services. I shouldn’t have hired those crooks in the first place. 

To sum it all up, High Class Mortgage has a very high ‘consultation fee’, which is purely based on useless concepts. I don’t advise availing their services 

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