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17th Feb, 2022

Review of Business Hitch RV

Mike Gilbert , Dan Hayden, Scott Hayden this is a review of your Business Hitch RV

Dear People For your safety, please read before thinking even to put a foot through their doorstep I am not the kind of person that will talk nonsense online especially about somebody’s else business 🙏.

I do not trust this crooked business even for a replacement toilet handle for my trailer, as soon as you are IN you are subject to be lied to and let you only see and hear what you would like to BUT noticeably big BUT what you will get is your biggest nightmare. In some point you’ll think you are been joked but nothing will be funny on your side and then you realize I just got scammed and by masters with over 20 years of experience in rushing you into signing on contract 2 min before closing time taking deposit in a form of none refundable down payment on imaginary fake financing agreement and they will inform you that next day they will be off so there will be nobody to talk with for the next 48 hours.

As soon you pay, and they are requesting big amounts!!!! That’s it! you are Done! and with any amount could be thousands like they did to me and my fresh family, I don’t understand how humans that sell recreational equipment that’s supposed to bring families together stealing and ripping the hearts of these families to little pieces!!! me and my wife are heartbroken from all the money they took and we are single salary providing family and the way they did it to us looks like we are not the Only ones from what we see in reviews but that’s already after the fact now.

The first few calls or visit they ( Dan Hayden) , will make you feel like somethings is mentally wrong with you but nothing is wrong with you it’s just this human feeling of not wanting to admit that you just got scammed big time like you read in the news and see on TV, Then after they see that you are hopeless they stop answering you and ignoring you completely like you are not existing anymore and you just bothering them now so they will be very rude to you and this is when it becomes very sad and complicated.

You can see right of the back by you can see the lowest quality of salespeople that have no idea of whatsoever not even one useful information about a trailer that was seating in the lot for over 40 days before we came to look at it.
Very sleazy Finance guy his name is Mike Gilbert that will tell you all the scamming nonsense in the world just to make you feel happy and sign the stupid papers ASAP by being rude misinformative that you just want to be out of there.

Scott Hayden- Please don’t replay back on the review to call 856-629-7400 and try to speak with you as my wife left bunch of messages and no one still after a couple of months got back to her.

At this point you already know what happened We got no trailer and no money they took $3400 on a declined finance agreement now they’re saying no refunds on any deposits

I’m giving the all brand a bad review as we tired to talked to Everyone and no one wanted or cared to help

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