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21st Feb, 2022

RUN from this place

If I were allowed, I would have given them 0 stars. I brought my 2 year old German Shepherd to Dr. Jan ******* at Hometown Animal Hospital in Weston Florida. He was brought to this facility because Jan ******* was supposedly a “top” Board Certified dental specialist. My dog was a healthy, multi-certified K9 with health certificates issued by EBVS european board certified veterinarians in Germany, possessed a 12.5 mile AD Endurance Test For Working Dogs certification, an IPO Working Dog Certification and Breed Survey KKL Certification all accomplished and Certified in both Europe and the United States under FCI, DVG and USCA.
During Training my dog had chipped a few teeth and required caps.

Dr. ******* had my dog under anesthesia for over 6 hours and at 4:30 PM I received a phone call from Dr. ******* saying he “couldn’t wake my dog up, you need to come here, I tried to call other veterinarians for help etc.”

We raced over this facility and when we arrived we were escorted to the back where my dog layed dead. We were brought into the exam room and when I asked **** the office manager at the time what happened, it was explained to me that “we noticed he wasn’t breathing while in the kennel in recovery” I asked, Why was he in a kennel when he wasn’t fully awake, I asked?
****, the office manager at the time stated in response to my question, “We’ll need to look at that procedure”….. REALLY?

At the time, Dr. ******* stated, “this normally doesn’t happen, and when it does it’s usually caused by some heart condition”. Great possible explanation for an “average” dog, but my dog was not your average dog.

He had done 2 mile runs daily, completed a 12.5 mile endurance test ( Certified IPO AD) a test specifically designed to identify underlying cardio issues and exclude those dogs from a possible loss of multi thousands of dollars investment worth of working dog training.
He performed in K9 judged and witnessed USCA/IPO programs weekly.

Upon asking, ******* suggested I either allow him send him for a necropsy or I can “take my dog home and bury him in my backyard”. Shocking really, yet sadly true. Devoid of options 5:30 pm at Hometown Animal Hospital, I allowed him to send my dog for necropsy under his custody even though he had stated he “didn’t have a freezer big enough for him”. (My interpretation-He could not be properly preserved for the necropsy he desired me to submit to).

9 weeks go by, I get the necropsy results and it stated that my dog had moderate to severe cardiomyopathy.

At this point, I grew very suspicious of the person who would say these things. What did I miss?
I researched and found that Dr. ******* was involved with the WIZARD of CLAWS HSUS national lawsuit for selling sick dogs around the USA. By all indications, he was their veterinarian and presumably responsible for certifying these dogs as healthy. Such is an indication of the level of ethics involved in this practice, and suddenly it all seemed to make sad sense.

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