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Ferl Orduan
1st May, 2019

Hugh-Paul Ward of Futurenet - International Pyramid and Ponzi Scammer Resonsible For Promoting Scams On a Global Level

Hugh-Paul Ward lives in Newcastle, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, UK and is the “global marketing director” of Futurenet, which the Polish authorities have issued a number of scam warnings about. Hugh-Paul Ward has a long and varied history of involvement in money making and get rich quick schemes, which literally every one of which has been described as a “pyramid scam” or a “ponzi scam” by numerous scam investigators and MLM analysts.

Besides Futurenet, Hugh-Paul Ward has also been involved in the promotion of FutureAdPro (a Futurenet offshoot), Futuro-Coin (again, Futurenet related), My Shopping Genie, Cash for Gold International (Karatbars), Wealth Club Wealth generators, Lyoness and Vemma. All have been described as scams. Mr Ward was the main distributor in Ireland for My Shopping Genie, which was exposed as a pyramid scam by Irish investigative journalist Rory Egan in 2010.

As a matter of international public interest and on the basis of substantial evidence, the opinion is forwarded that Hugh-Paul Ward is a prolific international pyramid and ponzi scammer, who has been involved in the promotion of various scams in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, continental Europe and further afield, consequently violating UK, Irish and international law in relation to pyramid and ponzi scams.

Hugh-Paul Ward has been reported to Action Fraud - the UK’s fraud and cyber-crime reporting agency, and has also been brought to the attention of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. For a comprehensive and detailed report containing overwhelming evidence of Hugh-Paul Ward‘s extensive range of activities, please see the evidence box below.


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