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11th Sep, 2019


PayPal Scam is totally genuine is a total scam


I sold a Canon EOS 650D Digital SLR Camera on Gumtree and was taken to the cleaners by a scammer.  I foolishly sent the camera to an address in London (the scammer hounded me regarding the tracking number. I now learned a ploy these scum use).  He fooled me into sending him money via Western Union to:


Account Name:Daniel Tennant


Account Number:18700564

Bank Name:Halifax Bank


 The email looks like it’s from the good ‘’ but the dodgy email is from ‘[email protected]’ and is from the scammers.  Look out as it says [email protected]

I got emails from him/they using the addresses:

Sandra Jones: [email protected]

Jordon David: [email protected]  or Jordon via Gumtree mail: [email protected]


Other names I had via Gumtree mail include: Wayne and Angus.  These scammers all used numbers in the address and Wayne and Angus used nearly all numbers.


I contacted Gumtree, foolishly thinking I might get some combination, but instead got nice words.  I also reported it to Action Fraud.


Two names to watch out for: John Williams and Sandra Jones.  Probably one sado bloke who enjoys stealing and causing misery.


I enjoyed photography, but a silly accident has left me severely disabled, so had to sell my camera and assessories.  My camera is now in the hands of a low-live scammed who probably sold it on at a large profit. He scammed me out of managed to steal thousands of pounds from me).  I cannot afford to lose that sum of money to a selfish scammer.  I doubt I will ever see that camera, lens and all the other assessories I sent.  I have the ad and pictures of the camera and assessories if anyone can help so I can sell it to someone genuine and appreciative of a good camera and lens.


Email: [email protected]

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