How it works

what's included in an incident report


The full name of the business or individual who was named in this incident report.


Location of the above entity (city/state/country).


Official website of the reported individual or business.


Total page views (updated every 24 hrs).


Number of comments posted on this incident report, including rebuttals and replies.


Number of members participating in this incident report, including reporter, commenters/contributors and followers.


Exact date of publishing. Please note that this might differ from the exact time of submission, prior to moderation.


Category and sub-category chosen by the reporter to compartmentalize the said incident report.


An optional field, displaying the USD value of reported loss incurred during this particular incident.


Icon to tell whether this incident report is accompanied by any sort of evidence or not.


The main TITLE for this incident report. This will also be visible in the page title, as well as the URL structure.


The actual incident report comes here. In the embedded version, this will display a small preview of the full report. 


This is the Report ID, which helps identify a particular report for reference.


This is the userID of the reporter. This ID is generated automatically, and bears no resemblance to the real identity of the said member.


This single line of code allows you to embed and post this Incident Report on social media and other websites.


This section displays the company/individual profile details, including location, phone number and email address.


LThe 'Full profile' link redirects you to this company/individual's Profile Webpage at where you can view other related content on this entity.


For privacy purpose, we do not display the phone number and email address to visitors. Only logged-in users can view these details.


The reporter can add a maximum of 3 tags to explain what this incident is all about.


This is the featured image. Like in any blog post, this helps in making the report more presentable and relevant on social media.


This is the full report, in full display mode (and not embedded mode, like explained in .12). 


This button allows anyone with a reason to initiate private messaging with the incident reporter. This feature is unlocked after a set period of time and conditions.


When a party has exhausted all options to resolve the issues, they can challenge the authenticity and intentions for this incident report. Subject to set period of time and multiple conditions.


This button allows a user to initiate and attempt to resolve the issue at hand in order to lock this incident report. Subject to set period of time and multiple conditions.


For users who want to follow the updates on this incident report and receive notifications.


The evidence box contains all the documents/images/videos/links to support/refute the claims made on this incident report. This is open to both sides, and will grately help in explaining your side of the story.


Any member can contribute and add information/evidence related to this report using these buttons.


This is the comment box for logged-in members only. Hyperlinks and rich text are not permitted in comments, which is simple-text only.


By checking this box, you may mark your comment as a REBUTTAL, instead of a normal comments.


Clicking this button will submit your comment and publish it immediately. A set of 3 moderators will be instantly notified to validate the comment. If no action is taken within 3 hours, the comments shall be treated as a permanent content on