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This complaint was posted on NAS on 3rd Feb, 2022 and is a permanent record located here: .

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2nd Feb, 2022

Instant Cloud Mining IS A SCAM!!

I got an email to join at a discounted rate of $399. I was worried but the website guarantees your money back within 14 days and even mentions PayPal but it’s all LIES!!! I paid and my account was NEVER UPGRADED!!! That’s when I noticed the web site isn’t as “nice and professional” as it once seemed! There’s this guy “George’s” cell phone number- an email and you can create a ticket but no one will respond to any of these once he’s got your $$$!!!

I had read TrustPilot before I invested and thought that the reviews looked good too! Here’s how he SCAMS TRUSTPILOT TOO!!! I left my negative review to WARN everyone and “George” has a system where he contacts TrustPilot and said that I made it all up and never had an account with ICM!!! Unbelievable!!! That’s after he replied to my negative review that he would refund me and to contact him, which never happened! TrustPilot contacted me and threatened to REMOVE my negative review unless I provided PROOF! Luckily I already had taken screenshots because this ass George DELETED MY ICM ACCOUNT when he reported me to TrustPilot! Little did he know- I have All OF MY PROOF THAT HES A PiECE OF TRASH, LOSER, LIAR, SCAMMER!! I’ll attach!

Also if you look up the ICM Facebook page- read the reviews! I’m not the only one! He’s scammed so many! I’ve contacted a lawyer about a class action lawsuit! You can find me on telegram – I made a channel Instant Cloud Mining is a SCAM… allowing others to post and hopefully don’t fall into his trap! He currently has over 800 telegram followers using the same excuse “ so busy haven’t posted payments” or “ system updates coming” he’s just scamming his way to millions! Disgusting!

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3rd Feb, 2022

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